Who are we?

YouScribe is the French community platform for sharing and selling digital publications.

YouScribe is:

  • a very simple way of publishing your writings or any kind of digital documents to make them public and visible to as many people as possible,
  • a community website which encourages sharing, discussion and encounters about the joy of reading,
  • an exportable reader for disseminating documents anywhere on the Web,
  • a free service that allows you to build your personal digital library drawing from the several tens of thousands of publications.

YouScribe is also the culmination of a project: to create a free area which enables everyone to publish and be read, to discuss and to forge links around what they have read. Our objective is to welcome all written works, to make a more diverse offer of publications available and offer everyone broader access to knowledge and to the pleasure of reading.

YouScribe is open to everyone…
… starting with you! As we believe that everyone has something to pass on and that all talents do not necessarily find room for expression in traditional publishing, YouScribe aims to give these talents the visibility they deserve.

YouScribe is open to all written works
And by "all", we mean "all": whether it is an unpublished manuscript, a political agenda, a graduate student thesis, a book that's out of print, your love letters or a musical score, etc.
All pieces of writing have a place on YouScribe… on the condition of course that intellectual property and copyright laws are complied with.
By using the YouScribe reader, all publications available on the site can be viewed online: in full for free publications and in the form of excerpts for paid for publications.

YouScribe is you.
YouScribe is also a community gathered around the pleasure of reading and the transmission of knowledge: authors, publishers, readers or critics, bookworms or occasional readers. Everyone can express themselves, give their opinion or comment on their readings. On YouScribe it is the readers who decide what deserves to be read!

Who is YouScribe?
Founded in April 2010 by Juan Pirlot of Corbion, YouScribe is a French company which now comprises a team of people who are passionate about cutting-edge technology and publishing. A team totally dedicated to assuring you of the best service and determined to offer you an entirely new publication area. <</p>

How does it work?
To find out anything about how YouScribe works, please see our tutorials: