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7 reasons to publish on YouScribe

1. Because you've got talent.
At YouScribe, we are convinced that everyone has something to say to other users. Do you think that your documents deserve to be published? We have faith in you.

2. To be read.
YouScribe references your publications on all search engines and offers you the tools to disseminate anywere the Web: on your website, your blog and your Facebook account!
→ Tell me more! How do I link my account to Facebook?

3. To exchange.
YouScribe is not only a huge library, it is also and above all a community of authors and readers who communicate about and discuss their favourite publications. If your readers' opinion interests you, you're in the right place.

4. To use a professional reader.
With the YouScribe reader your readers can browse your documents online (no need to download anymore) and can even customise their display options for more comfortable reading. Do you want to embed our reader in your blog or website? Not a problem, we have also provided this option… and it is free!
→ Tell me more about it! How do I embed the reader in my website?

5. To earn money.
On YouScribe, you can also make money from your talent by selling your publications. You set the price yourself and keep 70% of the income.
→ Tell me more! How do I sell my publications?

6. Because it's free.
Registering on YouScribe is free. Publishing documents on YouScribe is free. It is as simple as that.

7. Because this is only the beginning.
The YouScribe team is constantly looking for new ideas to offer you an even more satisfactory service. → Do you want to make a suggestion? Write to us.

How do I publish on YouScribe?

Publish to share

With YouScribe, publishing a document to share with the world becomes child's play! Here's how you do it:

1. Login.
To publish your documents you must be a member of YouScribe. It takes 3 minutes to register and there are no constraints.
→ If you are not already registered, you can subscribe by clicking here.
→ If you're already registered, login to your account.

2. Publish and share.
Click the tab "Publish" at the top of any page on the website. To publish a free document, select the option "Publish and share".

3. Upload your document
Click "Browse" and select from your hard drive the file that you want to put online.

4. Describe your document.
This step is optional, but important! Take the time to describe your document: give it a title, summarise it, please specify the theme. This information will allow us to properly reference your document, so that readers can find it more easily. Remember to stack the cards in your favour!

5. Decide who can access your document…
If you have chosen to publish your documents on YouScribe, it is, of course, so that they can be read. To do this, they must have a "Public" status. We give you the option of publishing a document for your sole use, for example to keep a copy in a safe place. In this case, you must choose the status "Private": you will then be the only person able to access it. 

Choice of access to your publication

6. … And under which conditions.
By default, your publications can be freely downloaded and printed on YouScribe. However, if you want to suspend the access to one or the other of these features, just specify that in this heading.

Choice of publication options

7. Certify that your publication complies with copyright law
To publish a document on YouScribe, you must commit to respect copyright law. It's an essential condition! If you have any doubts, check the copyright law by clicking on the link at the bottom of page.

8. Complete putting it online
Click on Confirm
Your document is now online! A confirmation message appears, and you are redirected to the heading My publications in your personal area. All documents for public access that you publish are listed in this section. Your document is automatically and immediately referenced in the YouScribe catalogue.

Publish to sell

To find out everything about publishing paid for documents on YouScribe, see our seller's guide.

And then

Track the progressive number of readings
YouScribe counts each time your documents are viewed. The total, updated in real time, appears next to the indicator "readings" on your publication page:.

Receive alerts about the latest comments
As soon as a user has commented on one of your publications, you are notified by a message sent to your profile page and an email sent to your personal email account (if you chose this option in your personal settings).

Stream your publications anywhere on the web
Now that your publication is online, promote it! All your YouScribe subscribers are automatically made aware of your recent activities, but why not also inform your contacts on Facebook or Twitter?
How do I do that?
If you have a website or a blog you can very easily embed the YouScribe reader. In this way, your readers can browse your publication without having to download it.

Optimise referencing of your publications
You can edit or add to the description and all the information associated with your document at any time. You simply have to go to the My publications tab in your account, and then click on "Edit" below the document concerned. Remember, a good description guarantees good visibility.

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