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Excel 2013 - Avancé


Mettre en oeuvre les fonctions avancées d'Excel 2013 dans vos documents professionnelsCe manuel d'autoformation est destiné aux

Profitable Innovation?


Today, businesses and their surrounding environments evolve so fast that companies are obliged to propose solutions that are

Electricity in your French house


If you own a house in France or if you are thinking of buying one, an understanding of the French domestic electrical rules and

Good Health


Funny and lovely Picture Books for Little Ones!A book to help parents train their little ones in the basic rules of hygiene

The Arts of Attention


Clustering around five major themes, and written by academics, researches and artists from Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Canada,

Fantasy Stories


Magical adventures in the land of unicorns, fairies, and sorcerers!Eight fantasy stories especially written for big boys and



Funny and lovely Picture Books for Little Ones!The best way for little ones to learn everything about flowers and sun, animals

This is just to say


Students majoring in English get acquainted with Williams' text in the course "introduction to Literary Studies". Some

Best of Martinique 2016 Petit Futé (with photos, maps + readers ...

Petit Futé

Edition for English-speaking people looking for the best addresses and good deals in Martinique, the Petit Futé "Best of

Good manners


Funny and lovely Picture Books for Little Ones!Saying "hello" and "thank you", behaving correctly during dinner, so many little