Stay Sharp With The Mind Doctor

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New research in neuroscience - the study of mind-brain function - has proved that, just as physical health and fitness can be transformed by diet and exercise, so there are positive strategies which can tune up your brain to maximum sharpness. It is also possible to avoid and even reverse the effects of mental aging. Key discoveries include:
-Exercise actually grows your brain and improves your memory
-The foods and vitamins that make you sharper
-Use your brain, don't lose it
-Unstress your brain - it doesn't like it
-How to analyse your memory
-Do what absorbs you
Written by a leading neuroscientist, Stay Sharp is full of questionnaires and case histories to help you assess your brain capacity and is packed with tips and exercises to help you improve it.

Published : Saturday, April 30, 2011
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Stay Sharp With The Mind Doctor
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