Club Crème

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Spirited young traveller Suki Summers becomes a housekeeper for an exclusive gentlemen's club in London. Club Creme has been founded by the debonair Sir Simeon for chaps who want an elegant retreat where they can relax and indulge their taste for old-fashioned frolics. Her first impression is that the place is very stuffy, but it isn't long before she realises that anything goes - as long as it is behind closed doors where she is required to either keep watch or join in. Suki soon becomes very popular - with enigmatic secretary Miss Sugar and with Sir Simeon himself. But when she has a close encounter with Sir Simeon's son and the hunting set at the family's country seat, she has to decide where her sexual loyalties really lie.

Published : Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Reading/s : 12
Licence : All rights reserved
EAN13 : 9780753531372
Number of pages: 288
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Club Crème
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