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Llinos Savage found herself in charge of the family pottery while still a young girl. As she attempted to keep the business afloat, there were many problems to overcome including her mother¿s untimely death and the plotting of Philip Morton Edwards, the powerful and rich owner of the rival pottery in Swansea. Her father¿s return, badly wounded, from fighting Napoleon in France should have been a joyous reunion, but instead his presence only added to her difficulties.
Her world was further complicated by the two young men in her life: Eynon Morton Edwards, Philip¿s son, a gentle and sympathetic figure whom became her best friend but who was despised by his father; and Joe, an exotic outsider, born of an unlikely union between a cultured English businessman and a Native American squaw.
How Llinos grew up and and coped with running the pottery, while suffering from the hatred of the Morton Edwards family and her efforts to suppress her own feelings for the man who seemed her most unlikely suitor, unfolds into a compelling story of tragedy, riches, poverty and love.

Published : Sunday, October 31, 2010
Reading/s : 9
Licence : All rights reserved
EAN13 : 9781407083438
Number of pages: 400
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