Georgy Girl

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Georgy is young, gregarious and fun - she is also large, self-confessedly ugly and desperate for love. Georgy bears her fate bravely as she alternates between playing the fool and humbling herself before Meredith, her pretty, callous flatmate, although when James, middle-aged socialite and self-imposed 'Uncle', asks Georgy to become his mistress, she is tempted to accept. Then Meredith announces that she is pregnant and Jos, the expectant father, decides he is in love with Georgy...

The book moves along at a funny, extremely enjoyable speed in step with Georgy's restless energy, sometimes verging on the farcical, and always contained just this side of pathos The Times Forster is remarkably honest, skilful and perceptive Observer Forster has that rare ability to step into another's shoes Company

Published : Friday, August 31, 2012
Reading/s : 30
Licence : All rights reserved
EAN13 : 9781446443552
Number of pages: 288
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Georgy Girl
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