Going Too Far

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Spirited adventurer Bliss Van Bon is set for three months travelling around South America. When her travelling partner breaks her leg, she must begin her journey alone. Along the way, there¿s no shortage of company. From flirting on the plane to being tied up in Peru; from sex on snowy mountain peaks to finding herself out of her depth with local crooks, Bliss doesn¿t have time to miss her original travel companion one bit. And when brawny Australians Red and Robbie are happy to share their tent and their gorgeous bodies with her, she¿s spoilt for choice.
However, there is political intrigue afoot and Bliss finds herself caught between her lovers¿ agendas. Will she help Red and Robbie save the planet, or will she stick with Carlos, whose wealthy lifestyle has dubious origins?

Published : Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Reading/s : 5
Licence : All rights reserved
EAN13 : 9780753525203
Number of pages: 272
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Going Too Far
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