Hard Blue Midnight

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Lori is the owner of a New England boutique that specialises in vintage sexy clothing. She spends more time hunting for treasures from the past than enjoying the present. But when she meets Gavin MacLellan, her desires explode into action. Soon, Gavin is introducing Lori to the pleasures she craves but also helping her to confront a family scandal.
Lori's glamorous great aunt Lorelei Price was an erotic photographer who vanished in Paris during the Nazi occupation. Gavin and Lori trace the steps of this enigmatic woman and uncover a dangerous web of seduction and intrigue. As they peel back the layers of mystery, they discover that bondage and domination were prominent in Lorelei's world. Lori's search takes a risky turn when she sets out on her own to relive her great-aunt's adventures. How will the very modern Lori deal with such revelations?

Published : Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Reading/s : 6
Licence : All rights reserved
EAN13 : 9780753542262
Number of pages: 284
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Hard Blue Midnight
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