The Path to the Lake

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Viv¿s marriage to David was not a conventional one, but when he died ¿ in an accident for which she blamed herself ¿ it was as if her whole world had collapsed around her. She escaped by running, mainly around the nearby lake, which was once a popular place of recreation but was now desolate and derserted . It became both her refuge and her dread.
But through the misery she made some unexpected friends ¿ a couple in the village whose family needed her as much as she needed them. And gradually, as a new life opened up, she could confront the terrible secrets which had haunted her and which could now be laid to rest¿

Published : Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Reading/s : 6
Licence : All rights reserved
EAN13 : 9781409080527
Number of pages: 400
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The Path to the Lake
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