Time Out For Living

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It's not every day of the week that a girl from Muckadilla comes to Brisbane to join the Navy, but it's World War II and Lulla Riddel can see herself in those Navy whites. However, she promptly discovers that they can't use short-sighted strawberry blondes, so it's just as well the Brisbane Manpower Committe can . . . While working in a munitions factory is far from Lulla's dream, it's there she meets warm-hearted Janet and practical Peggy. The three friends are young and ready for fun in the charged atmosphere of wartime Australia. Servicemen are pouring into town - there's no time for courtships, but there's certainly time for romance. Lulla secretly prefers one infuriatingly cocky Australian soldier, but that won't stop her enjoying some of the other handsome young me in town . . . Vividly capturing this colourful chapter in Australia's history, Time Out for Living evokes an uncertain and exciting world full of sailors and soldiers, brawls and seduction, dancing and romance.

Published : Monday, November 23, 2009
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EAN13 : 9780857965189
Number of pages: 372
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Time Out For Living
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