Monster Blood Tattoo: Factotum

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Not all monsters look like monsters. Some everyday folk are the worst monsters of all . . .
Rossamund Bookchild¿s lamplighting career has been brought to a dramatic close. Now he is faced with a new life as personal servant to Europe, an elegant and powerful monster-hunter. As Rossamund settles into his new home, he finally discovers the true story of his origins, a story that must remain hidden if he is to survive in a land divided by the conflict between men and monsters.
But now that he knows the truth about where he comes from, how can Rossamund play his role as assistant to a professional monster-hater? Only his loyalty to Europe keeps him by her side as they embark on a dangerous monster-hunting tour that can only end in tragedy¿

Stories as vivid and inventive as FOUNDLING are exceedingly rare. D.M. Cornish has introduced us to something wonderful and new. Brilliant. Enough secrets, promises, and mystery to create impatient demand for part two. Starred Review. Booklist I plunged instantly into a unique fantasy world just beyond the familiar, where no one is fully good, where the villains are real and terrifying, and I felt constantly at the edge of a gasp. I hope readers will love this as much as I do. A remarkable new world, complete in every detail and totally convincing. Even more, he has peopled this amazing world with equally amazing characters, startling turns of events, constant excitement and a rich palette of deeply felt emotions. It's an epic in the making; and we can all be glad we were present to see it begin. Rossamund's action-packed road story serves chiefly to build and populate Cornish's remarkable new world. From the pre-industrial English feel to the sprawling setting and backstory, this book feels every bit as substantial as its heft implies. Highly ambitious. Publishers Weekly 20060619 A depth and intricacy reminiscent of the work of J. R. R. Tolkien or Robert Jordan. The unique and fascinating Half-Continent, where ships with organic engines sail caustic vinegar oceans and monster-hunters gain supernatural powers through dangerous surgeries, is a delightful, refreshing standout School Library Journal A meticulously imagined place, full of echoes of literary luminaries from Dickens to Patrick O'Brian and bristling with joyous erudition. Here be not just monsters, but muskets and flintlocks, haubardiers and habilistics, florins and factotums and "mighty vessels of war". And they're much more than a hodgepodge of stage props. Rossamund is smart and likable enough to give the plot some serious emotional ballast. Here's betting he will have a big following by the time he steps out in Book 2 as a full-fledged lamplighter Washington Post

Published : Thursday, October 28, 2010
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EAN13 : 9781409096603
Number of pages: 720
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Monster Blood Tattoo: Factotum
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