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Sam Voltolini Architecte DPLG SIA REG A CP 195 , 1000 Lausanne 6 (Switzerland) T : + 41 21 601 66 64 Research and expertise 2009-2007 Workin collaboration with HES-SO on a climatic improvement research project  Researchand development of new materials with Eternit Teaching 2010-2011 VisitingProfessor at the High Superior school of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture in Geneva (EPIA) 2009-2010 VisitingProfessor at the High Superior school of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture in Geneva(EPIA) 2008-2009 ArchitectureProfessor at the National Superior school of Architecture of Lyon (ENSAL) 2007-2008 ArchitectureProfessor at the National Superior school of Architecture of Lyon (ENSAL) 2007 AssistantProfessor at the Superior Technical school of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) 2006-2007 AssistantProfessor at the Federal school Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL) 2006-2007 ArchitectureProfessor at the National Superior school of Architecture of Lyon (ENSAL) Studies 1996-2000 NationalSuperior school of Architecture Paris-la-Villette (F)  DPLGdiploma obtained with distinction (equivalent EPF) 1994-1996 NationalSuperior school of Architecture Paris-la-Seine (F)  obtainedDEFA diploma 1994 Atelier-Ecolein Lausanne, courses in design and architecture (CH) 1988-1992 VocationalTraining Centre in Sion (CH)  ObtainedFederal Certificate of Capacity of designer-architect with special award Professional registers 2005 REGA (1/16112) (Swiss Register of Engineers Architects and Technicians) 2004 VISARTEmember (Swiss Society of Visual Artists)  S.I.Amember (Society of Swiss Engineers and Architects) Awards 2009 ”La vi[ll]e en rez-de-chaussée”competition,place of the stationrd Monthey (CH), (with Jean-Paul Chabbey)- 3Prize 2008 “Landscale”competition,public space and théâtre,st Le Châble (CH), (with Jean-Paul Chabbey)- 1Prize “Face à face”competition,academic, athletic and cultural centrend st St-Maurice (with Jean-Paul Chabbey)-2 Prize1 mention 2005 nd Winner at“AWARD 05”PrizeAPSFV -2
(National Award, best façade design of the year) 2004 “Ring ring ring”academic complexof Léman th Renens (for Plarel)-5 Prize2003 “Prose”international competition,urbanism projectth Bussigny-Près-Lausanne (CH)-4 Prize 2002 st “Moulin-CarronGymnasiumin Dardilly”Prize -1 Lyon (F), (for Rue Royale Architects) st Urban redevelopmentof East Boulevard” -1Prize Lyon (F), (for Humbert David Architects) Projects 2010 “Landscale“,construction public space and theatreLe Châble (CH), (with Jean-Paul Chabbey) In progress "Homage",project ofconstruction of 39 collective housing, Vouvry (CH)In progress “Blue sky“,project of an apartmentAv. du Général Leclerc, Paris (F) In progress “Red camoufflage“,demolition reconstruction of a housenear the Geneva lake, Lutry (CH) In progress Urban study, “Densification de lIlot Centre“ Ville de Monthey (CH) Urban study, “Réaménagement de la Rue de la Cité“ Leysin (CH) Study of valuation of a property: construction of a dependence, Communy (CH) “Green sky“, competition for theconstruction of a school, a multi-purpose hall and an old people's home, Collombey.Muraz (CH) "Non-lieu 2",installation createdat the galerie
2009 Mandate studies for the rehabilitation of anadministration buildingEtat du Valais (CH) (with Jean-Paul Chabbey) “Naissance dun souvenir“,mandate parallel studies, Construction of amortuary chapelLe Châble (CH), (with Jean-Paul Chabbey)
“Médusa“,project of a floating unitCity of Lausanne (CH), (with Carlo Chanez and Rolf Meier) ”La vi[ll]e en rez-de-chaussée”competition,place of the stationMonthey (CH), (with Jean-Paul Chabbey) rd - 3Prize “ElioB“, mandate parallel studies,building homes and officesSion (CH), (with Jean-Paul Chabbey) “YO“,projet ofyoga hall, Pékin (China) ”Happy days”, mandate parallel studies,construction of a school, UAPE and change roomsCollombey(CH), (with Jean-Paul Chabbey) ”Double face”, mandate parallel studies, redevelopment of the place de la Navigation Lausanne (CH) 2008 "Landscale", competition,public space and theatreLe Châble (CH), (with Jean-Paul Chabbey) -1st Prize "Face à face", competition,academic, athletic and cultural centreSt-Maurice (CH), (with Jean-Paul Chabbey) nd -2 Prize1st mention "Xing jing", competition, building the House of PeaceGeneva (CH), (with Julien Woessner) "Grand Salle de la Gare",project,renovation and expansion of a theatreMonthey (CH) "Non-lieu", installation projectfor the fédéral art compétitionBâle (CH) "Géodésie",building afamily villain an orchard Bex (CH) 2007 "Médusa",Floating walkwayproject City of Lausanne (CH) "AppXing", proposeddevelopment of an apartmentShandong (China) "Sampa",industrialisation project of a singular objectfor Eternit Payerne (CH) “1 entre deux”,reconversion of a temple into a house districtLausanne (CH), (with Christian Beck) "MGM", proposedextension of a barin Ouchy Lausanne (CH) Transformation of a townhouse into anartist studioChamoson (CH) Collaboration project with Eternit, thedevelopment of a new plate conceptZürich (CH)
"Place du village",realization of the village squareAssens (CH), (Avec Plarel) 2006 "Etat des lieux", installation createdat the Arlaud muséum Lausanne (CH) "Asymétrie",competition,construction of a bridgeover the Rhone Bois de Finge (CH), (with Pellissier & De Torrenté ingénieurs civils) "Arborescence",competition,construction of a footbridgeacross the pond of Grosse (CH), (with Pellissier & De Torrenté ingénieurs civils) "Green face",a family house projectAntony (Paris), (avec Julien Maugat) (F) "Climax 2",competition,extension of the Museum of Fine ArtsBerne (CH) 2005 Winner of the  AWARD 05 »of the APSFV (best façade design of the year) "Les yeux de la ville", mandate parallel studies,ephemeral installationGeneva (CH) "Géo1",mandate parallel studies,urban and architectural design, 30 housing unitsVouvry (CH) "Blue",proposal, transformation of municipal administrationVouvry (CH) "Genève 2020",competition,urban redevelopment and densificationPraille-Vernets-Acacias neighbourhoods, Geneva (CH) "C780",artistic interventionin the Burier gymnasium La Tour-de-Peilz (CH) "A room garden",extension of the villaSchindelholzCommuny(CH) Invitational competition:expansion of the change rooms and premisesof the St-Denis Stadium Vouvry (CH) "Terre promise", site competition,communal building and parkingTroistorents (CH) 2004 "Ring ring ring",competition, Lémanacademic complexRenens (CH), (with Plarel) -5th Prize "Climax",competition,New Museum of Fine ArtsLausanne (CH), (with Julien Maugat) "1+1 =1",concours, academic complexFiez (CH) (avec Plarel) "Terreo", competition,restructuring of the World hôtel and the squareGrandvaux (CH)
2003 "Prose", internationalurbanism competitionBussigny-Près-Lausanne » (CH) - 4th Prize Transformation of two apartments (proposal and realization), Montreux (CH) "Terraforming",building a family villa in a vineyard Vouvry (CH) "Terrasquare",competition, Chaumont-sur-Loiregarden festivalChaumont-sur-Loire (F) Invitational competition, senographe landscape : Pagnol muséum Marseille (F), (with Vita-Durand) "Paradoxe",proposal for adetached villaLe Bouveret (CH) "Climax",competition,Multipurpose hallCharnot Fully (CH) "Blue grass", proposal for asemi-prefabricated villaon three levels Vouvry (CH) 2002 "Sixsième sens", competition, Chaumont-sur-Loiregarden festival Chaumont-sur-Loire (F) 2001 "UMC",development of a welcome hallParis (F)/Mutual Group U.M.C. 2 "Fenêtre sur ciel",apartmentdevelopment of a 43mParis (F) – proposal and realization 2000 "Mise en Seine",development project of untouched areas on the banks of the Seine Paris (F) /S.E.M.A.P.A) "Le temps du doute",a building on the waterfront promonadeof Austerlitz (DPFG Diploma with mention/ Jury : François Seigneur, C. Rannou, Jean-Paul Dollé) (F) 1999 "Toposquare",realization of a public placeCervione, Corse (F) "Doute",landscape interventionLes Sables-dOlonne (F) 2 "Boule",development of an 85mapartmentParis (F) - proposal 1998
Competition,parking downtownLyon (F)/BMW foundation Competition,35 individual and group housing Calais (F) /Union Minière 1997 Competition, asculpture of lightParis (F) /National Association of Bright Publicity 1993 2 Development of a 42mapartment Vouvry (CH) - proposal and realization Furniture design: two prototypes made by craftsmen (CH) Personal exhibitions 2008 Culturalcenter Le Garenne, ”Sam Voltolini”, Monthey (CH) 2005 Culturalcenter La Meunière “tùhùa”, Collombey (CH) 2004 GalleryPlanque “climax”, Lausanne (CH) 2002 GalleryPlanque “terraforming”, Lausanne (CH)  CulturalSpace de la Porte-du-Scex “Voltolini”, Vouvry (CH) 2000 AlAtelier “presque rien...”, Paris (F)  GalleryPlanque “doute...”, Lausanne (CH) 1998 GallerylEcluse “à mal gammes”, Lausanne (CH) Collective exhibitions (selection) 2010 CentredArts en Ile “Open Week dact-ar”, Geneva (CH)  CentredArts en Ile, “Dessin act-art”, Geneva (CH)  GalleryCAUE, “Un architecte dans la maison”, Limoges (F)  Exposition Distinguished Romande 2010 », Ecole Sup. dArchitecture de Paris-Malaquais (F)  15N,fifteen contemporary architectures, SIA sec Vaud (CH)  Expositionof  Concrete Awards 2010 », HES SO, Geneva (CH)  Maisonde larchitecture,“Derrière les buissons”, Orléans (F)  Maisonde larchitecture,“Derrière les buissons”, St-Cyr-Sur-Loire (F) 2009 Centredart contemporain, “Derrière les buissons”, Tours (F)  Orangeryof the hale and hearty home “Maison et modernité”, Verrrière-le Buisson (Paris/F)  MAC2009, “15-50“, Villa Dutoit, Geneva (CH)  USEGOhall, “in the box“, Sierre (CH)  AraauHospital, “Frontière“, Araau (CH) 2008 Museumof art and history, “Frontière“, Neuchâtel (CH) 2007 ExhibitionBuilding “Défi expo 2007”, Paris (F)  GalleryPlanque, “rétrospective des artistes de la galerie”, Lausanne (CH)  Maisonde Commune “Collection le Nouvelliste”, Savièse (CH) 2006 VillaDutoit, Geneva (CH)  CentredArts en Ile, “le troup”, Geneva (CH) 2005 Avenuedes Bain 21, “Visarte expose ses artistes”, Lausanne (CH)  SpaceRue Royale, “avec titre“, Lyon (F)  SwissBAU, Bâle (CH) 2004 MuséeArlaud, “vis à vis”, Lausanne (CH)  Porte-du-Scexcultural space, Vouvry (CH)  laMeunière Centre, Collombey (CH) 2002 SpaceQuartal, Vevey (CH) 2001 GalleryPlanque, Lausanne (CH) 2000 Gallery29, espace dart contemporain, Evian (F) 1999 GalleryPlanque, Lausanne (CH)
1998 1995 Publications Dec. 1, 2010 June 2010June 2010February 2010Nov. 14, 2009 Nov. 2009 Oct. 2009 Sept. 24, 2009 July 2009June 2009 May 2009 April 2009 Feb. 6, 2009 January 2009 Nov. 2008 Nov. 7, 2008 June 2008 June 2008 April 10, 2008 April 2008 August 2008 October 2007 April 30, 2007 March 2007 January 2007 Sept. 2006 Sept. 2006 May 2006 Nov. 2005 July 22, 2005 July 5, 2005 May/Jun.2005 May 2005 March 2005 Marchs 2005 Dec. 28, 2004 Octo.7, 2004 October 2004 April 21 2004 Dec 4, 2003 Sept.25, 2002 Sept.25, 2002 Sept.18, 2002 July 17, 2002 July 1, 2002 Dec. 2000 Dec. 7, 2000 Dec. 5, 2000 Oct. 27, 2000 Oct. 12, 2000 February 2000 Dec. 17, 1999 Nov. 1998 Sept. 1998 Juin 4, 1998
Century Center, “On the way 20-21”, Anvers (BL) Space EAPLV, Paris (F) Space Rue Royale, Lyon (F) CROUS Gallery, Paris (F)
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