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th  Montreal12 offebruary
project scriptfor,
new book ebookthe 7 th offashion edition.
 Marylinmonroe vs mireille talbot.
Let sayit firstthe copyrightof the subway picture in new york,
on thecover of this scriptof this shortis from a photagrapherbased nowin montreal
georges zimbel is his nameis now 82 years old
you retruly spoketo himover the phone onearly november.
I asked him:
Why andwhat theexibit hewas preparingin downtown cityof montreal. Was all about?
His works includespart from the marylin monroepicture in newyork in 1957.
also includesjohn f kennedyat the wite housein washington
yours trulywas impressedby theworks ofgeorges zimbleand in any event
if the man couldtake session photosfor mywife mireillean author and a model:
he askedfor 150000?