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under the guidance from the
Shepherd found the cub and took it home and grew the cub amongst the day a lion saw the cub and told the cub that this had not been sheep abut a i am just a sheep said the cub and had not been able to accept it..hence the lion took the cub near a river and asked the cub to find out her face in the water..The lion asked if she was giving the impression of him..The cub said YES..therefore the lion asked the cub to roar with him similar to a did so and once the shepherd heard the roar they all fled.. Inspirationalour senses will be the sheep and our thoughts are the shepherd..The mind has confused the soul throughout the senses ..just as the lion comes in contact with the cub,the master meets the soul and tells heryou are a particle of supreme lord..go within and realize yourself.Within the guidance in the master,the soul discovers it is true identity and becomes free from your brain and also the senses...