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from Mildred264Prindle

Why @ (At The Rate Of) Symbol Is Used In An Email Id The '@' symbol is used to distinguished between the userID 'n Domain name (like hotmail,yahoo,rediff etc). Some more facts aboutemailEmail was invented in 1971 by a computer engineer,called Ray Tomlinson, who worked for Bolt Bernek and Newman(BBN) the company chosen by the United States Defense Department to build the first internet,way back in 1968 The '@' symbol in email addresses was chosen by Tomlinson coz he wanted a keyboard character that didnt occur in people's names.It is said that he spent just 3040 seconds to think up the choice of symbol U Know the first mail which was sent (between two computer that were actually sitting besides each other),bore the text 'QWERTYUIOP'. The first row alphabets on a QWERTY keyboard nom de domaine disponible