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University of West Florida Dissertations Date Author Title 2007 Bagwell, Diane P. An Examination of Learning Styles, Personality Types, Motivational Types, and Risk Factors Relative to Dropping Out of School 2007 Collins, Monique R. From the Margins to the Middle: Life Experiences of African-American Male Alternative, Charter School, and Community College Students 2007 Cook, Mary A. The Functional Communication Learning Outcomes for Students in the School Districts of Santa Rosa and Escambia, Florida Using the Program: Teaching Language to Children With Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities by Sundberg and Partington 2007 Diamond, Marie M. Older Adults, the Internet, and Health-Related
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2007 Bagwell, Diane P.
2007 Collins, Monique R.
2007 Cook, Mary A.
2007 Diamond, Marie M.
2007 Dunnivant, Stephen W.
2007 Hershfeldt, Patricia A.
2007 Humphreys, Richard A.
2007 Johnson, Kenneth E.
2007 Juneau, Gayle A.
2007 Lisner, Martha C.
2007 McCorvey, Angela E.
2007 O'Connell, Brian D. 2007 Wiley, Lusharon W.
University of West Florida  Dissertations
Title An Examination of Learning Styles, Personality Types, Motivational Types, and Risk Factors Relative to Dropping Out of School From the Margins to the Middle: Life Experiences of AfricanAmerican Male Alternative, Charter School, and Community College Students The Functional Communication Learning Outcomes for Students in the School Districts of Santa Rosa and Escambia, Florida Using the Program: Teaching Language to Children With Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities by Sundberg and Partington
Older Adults, the Internet, and HealthRelated Information: A Multiple Case Study The Influence of Faculty Personality Traits and Demographics on the Diffusion of a Course Management System Proactive and Reactive Accommodation Use: Variables Affecting Implementation for Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Barriers to Advanced Use of Technology in Public Elementary Classrooms of a Northwest Florida School District OutcomeBased Evaluation of Interpersonal Relationships Between Teachers and Students at the Northwest Florida School for Boys A Case Study Approach of the Transformation of Brown Barge School and the Closing of A.A. Dixon School Following Augustus Versus Escambia County School Board Project Access: An Evaluation of WebEnhanced and Mentored Exceptional Student Education Certification Program
Building Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Among Universities and Community Colleges for Baccalaureate Access Through ConcurrentUse Strategies Relationship of Body Mass Index (BMI) to Academic Achievement in a Rural Northern Florida County School District An Agent for Change: The Story of Reverend H. K. Matthews
2006 Botts, Betsy 2006 Bradford, Shelley
2006 Burgess, Joseph
2006 Davis, Neil
2006 Desposito, Ofelia
2006 Finelli, Ellen K.
2006 Gaines, Trudi
2006 Gantt, Anita 2006 Husband, Laureen
2006 JanuaryUnion, Corine
2006 Ketter, Lynn 2006 Kietzmann, Jania 2006 Li, Xiuqing
2006 Malone, Katherine 2006 McAllister, Gina K.
2006 McNabb, Julia
2006 Meaux, Deborah
2006 Petry, Debra
2006 Pollard, Shirli
2006 Solarski, Anita
2006 Zhou, Molly
2005 Abdelgadir, Mohyeldin
2005 Bradley, Glen
2005 Burgess, Harvey 2005 Caroleo, Linn
2005 Colo, Laura
2005 Gardner, Stephen
2005 Glover, Frederick
2005 Gotshall, Lindsay
The Relationships of Stereotyped Behaviors, Maternal Stress, and Family Quality of Life in Families Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder Burnout: A Study of High School Coaches in Florida Transactional Distance Theory and Student Satisfaction with WebBased Distance Learning Courses The Relationship of Ageism and Life Satisfaction in a Large Intergenerational Group of Adults SelfEfficacy and Experiential Variables: Do They Influence Persistence of Graduate Students in Completing Their Online Courses? BreastFeeding Perceptions in a LowIncome Prenatal Population in Northwest Florida A Comparison Between LowRisk and HighRisk Juvenile Delinquents Receiving Postcommitment Aftercare
Teachers as Professionals: National Board Certification The Coping Strategies of Mothers on Welfare Relationships Among Maternal Age, Sociodemographic Variables, and Parenting Behaviors of Rural African American Mothers HighStakes Testing, AchievementGoal Structures, AcademicRelated Perceptions, Beliefs, Strategies, and School Belonging Among Selected Eighth Grade Students in a Northwest Florida School District Postmodern Breakdown: The Story of Mary Kelly Critical Factors on Students' Mathematics Performance in High School Developmental Mathematics Students' Performance and Academic Success at a Southern Community College Accidental Teachers: Entering the Profession Career Decision Making, Career Advancement, and Satisfaction of Supported Employment Employees in Northwest Florida
Transition from Prekindergarten to Kindergarten: A Comparison of Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Teachers' Expectations of Early Literacy Skills The Transformation of Five Florida Community Colleges: Converting to Baccalaureate DegreeProducing Programs A Study of the Leadership Education Program Effectiveness at a Nondurable Manufacturing Firm The Impact of Service Learning on Student Learning Outcomes for a College Reading Course The Impact of a Diversity Course on Preservice Teachers' Attitudes Toward Diverse Student Populations A Comparative Study Of The Academic Effectiveness Of The Developmental Education Program In Mathematics At Palm Beach Community College
The Integration Of Grand Tour And Appreciative Inquiry Practices As A Basis For Evaluating Program Development In Two Departments At A Community College No Teacher Left Behind: Analysis of Technology Use in the Geographic Area of an Ohio Joint Vocational School District Combating the Freshman 15: A Feasibility Analysis An Analysis of Reading Achievement and Contextual Factors in High Poverty Schools
Analytic Hierarchy Analysis of Leadership Skills In Education As Rated By Selected Education, Community, And Business Members In Northwest Florida Leadership and Behavior Characteristics of Effective Navy And Marine Corps Aviation Maintenance Instructors Outcome Engineering: Status And Effectiveness Across Parish Nursing Organizations
2005 Gunning, Laura 2005 Harris, Glen
2005 Holdnak, John
2005 Hull, Jennifer
2005 Jones, Cheryl
2005 Kelly, Brenda
2005 KellyShelby, Angela
2005 Ketterer, Albert
2005 Kind, Mary
2005 Maher, Brian 2004 Martin, Elaine
2004 McMichael, Kathlyn
2004 Moomaw, William
2004 Nicholson, Marilyn 2004 Plash, Shawn
2004 Quarells, Barbara
2004 Richardson, Sharon
2004 Rimmerman, Stacy
2004 Roberts, Michael
2004 Segers, Nelda
2004 Suell, Jo 2004 Thomas, Patti 2004 Tibbetts, Alexis
2004 Turner, Karen
2004 Brewer, Richardene
2004 Chukwuemeka, Samuel
2004 Coseo, Marilyn
2004 Faessel, Richard
2004 Fischer, Sherry
Professional Behavior, Amount Of Clinical Experience, And Personality Factors Among Health Science Students In A Northwest Florida Community College School Violence In Selected Northwest Florida Secondary Schools Leadership Competencies and Development for Senior Administrators in Florida Community Colleges General Classroom And Special Education Teachers' Attitudes And Perceptions Toward Inclusion In Relation To Student Outcomes Pedagogy, Teachers, And Accountability: Scientific Teaching, Artistic Teaching, And Attitudes Toward HighStakes Standardized Testing In Search Of Pedagogy: A Phenomenological And Hermeneutic Approach To Basic Writing The Collaboration Of Nurse Practitioners And Physicians In LongTermCare Using A CaseManagement Model In A ManagedCare Environment
An Alternative Education Model And Middle School Students: A Validation Study An Assessment Of Students' Learning Styles, Withdrawal Rates, And Performance In Communications Skills Classes In A Northwest Florida Community Colleges
Cognitive Achievement, Student Satisfaction, And Field Observations Of Video Teleconferencing And Residence, ShortCourse Instruction In Military Education Botany, Ecofeminism, and the Ecology of Education Barriers to Higher Student Achievement in Science and Mathmatics: Analyzing What FifthGrade Teacher Say TeacherPerceived Autonomy: A Construct Validation of the Teacher Autonomy Scale The Struggle for Educational Attainment: A Case Study of the First African American Female Neurosurgeon Retention Issues: A Study Of Alabama Special Education Teachers A Study of the Relationship Between Teacher Certification and Student Performance of Fourth and Fifth Grade Exceptional Students in Escambia County, Florida Life Events And Emotional Development In Northwest Florida Elementary School Children Personality Types and Learning Styles: An Investigation of Their Influence on Performance in a Distance Education Environmment Students In AtRisk Situations: Relationships Between School And Demographic Variables And Arrest History Evaluating An Alternative Staff Development Component for Prospective and Practicing SchoolBased Leaders Traditional And Alternative Teacher Training Programs: A Comparison Of Perceptions Of Training And Retention Of FirstYear Teachers Assessing The Capacity For Leadership In Elementary Schools Student Input and Teacher Change in a Northwest Florida Middle School Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:Perspectives of a Group of Educators in Northwest Florida The Impact Of Multicultural Training On Attitudes Of Multiral Training On Attitudes Of preservice, First, Second, And ThirdYear Teachers In Escambia County Schools Examining The Effects Of The Receipt Of Financial Aid And Other Variables On The Persistence Of Students Who Enrolled At Faulkner State Community College For The 2001 And 2002 Academic Year Entrance Scores And Student Success In A Community College Radiography Program The Effect of Student SelfRegulation On Motivation And Achievement Using ComputerBased Instruction The Charter School Movement: Okaloosa Public School Teacher And Administrator Perceptions
2004 FlaxHyman, Cheryl
2004 Gossom, Joyce
2004 Haley,Jr., John
2003 Harden, Theresa
2003 Hemmye, Carol 2003 Hockema, Bruce
2003 Huang, YuTung
2003 Lords, Amanda 2003 Lu, HsiuChu
2003 McMahon, Gerard
2003 Mixson, Cheryl
2003 Nast, William 2003 Pearson,III, William 2003 Ribolla, Stephen 2003 Samblis, Kelley
2003 Sharma, Sunita 2003 YoshidaDavey, Meiko
2003 Boutwell, Debra
2003 Brown, Victoria
2003 Chang, HsiaChin
2003 Chang, WenLung
2003 Chiu, Jochih
2003 Chiu, MeiWen
2003 Davis, Gail
2003 Dawson, Bobbie
2003 Dawson, David
2003 DeckertPelton, Melanie 2003 Dickey, David
2003 Fesmire, Marion
2003 Flowers, Janet
2003 Halstead, Harold 2003 Halupa, Colleen
Academic Achievement And Persistence Of Developmental Mathematics Students In A Community College School Organizaton Culture, Basic Need Satisfaction, And Beginning Teacher Retention Conflict Resolution Training And Stakeholder Attitudes In A Northwest Florida High School A Behavioral Intervention Program And Its Effect On Attitudes, Achievement, And Behavior Among Selected Students In A Baldwin County, Alabama, District School Metacognitive And Learning Strategies Used By Adult Novice WebBased Students An Analysis Of Number Sense And Computation Among College Freshmen Critical Factors Related to the Adoption of WebBased Instruction of Higher Education Faculty (Taiwan) Assessment Of Aircrew Spatial Abilities And Psychological Trait Measures In Relation To Aviation Water Survival Training Use Of The World Wide Web By High School Students In Taiwan Effects Of UniversitySponsored Work Program On Student Academic Life And Future Career Goals Teacher Career Stages, Professional Development Needs, And Career Satisfaction In A Northwest Florida School District
Predictors of Cheating Behavior: Effects Of Situtational And Personality Variables Alternative Middle School: Expelled Students Returning to High School UseOfForce Policy and Training For Law Enforcement Agencies Inclusion And Differentiated Instruction Training for Preservice Teachers Multicultural Education: Teachers' Perceptions and Preparation In A Northwest Florida School District Communicative Competence In English Education In Japan: A Case Study Organizational Identity, SelfConcept, And Commitment Among Teachers In Northwest Florida Attention Deficits And/Or Hyperactivity Effect Upon Metacognitive Interactions With Course Content In An Online Environment The Effects Of Personal Factors On Achievements As A Result Of WebBased Training Readers' Theater, Metacognition, And EnglishLanguage Learning By Chinese Children The CostBenefit Analysis Of Performance Technology On Customer Education And Communication Environment ComputerAssisted Lanaguage Learning: Attitudes Of Taiwanese College Students Development of a Formative Assessment Instrument for Elementary Science in Florida Schools Equity Among Secondary Students In Computer Usage At A Northwest Florida High School Case Study In How Theoretical Concepts Underlying Integrated Learning Object Based Instructional Systems Translate Into Effective Practice Athletic Participation, GenderRole Orientation, And Cohort Differences: Relationships To The Nontraditional Occupational Interests And Perceived Efficacy Of University Women Recency Effect In University Student Evaluation Of Faculty Instruction Analysis of Phonological Processing And Reading Skills Of FourthGrade Students With And Without Reading Disabilities Time On Task, Response Time, Spontaneous Communication Skills, And Parent And Teacher Attitudes Toward DolphinAssisted Therapy Perceived Level Of School Law Competence Of Certified Educational Leaders In The Escambia School District Medical Providers' Attitudes Toward InternetBased Education
2003 Hsu, HsinPiao
2003 Huang, MeiJen
2003 LosikeSedimo, Nonofo 2003 Mershon, Kelly
2003 Munz, Lida
2002 Patten, Angelina
2002 Paul, Angela
2002 Pennewell, Janet
2002 Peyton, Tracy 2002 Plesa, Zuzana
2002 Sharpless, Lawanna
2002 Torrence, Marian
2002 Uvah, Francisca
2002 Wang, ChihFeng
2002 Webster, Carolyn 2002 Wen, ChaoTung
2002 Woodburn, Joyce
2002 Wu, ChiaLin
2002 Wu, HuiYing
2002 Bolliger, Doris
2002 Brackin, Shirley
2002 Carson, M'Adele
2002 Cawthon, Charles
2002 Clark, Charles
2001 Henderson, Mary 2001 Herrera, Marie
2001 Kaczynski, Michelle 2001 Long, John 2001 Mandel, Adela
2001 Munroe, Arnold
Integrating Technology Into Instructional Processes: Technological Abilities of Higher Education Faculty In Taiwan A Study Of The Leadership Style Of Recreational Sports Club Leaders In Kaohsiung, Taiwan Telepresence And Learning Style: Effect On Achievement And Attitude Of University Students Leadership Paradigms and Superintendent Selection in Northwest Florida The Relationships Between Motivational Factors And The Domains Of Excellence In High School Students ssessing How LowIncome Adolescents Perceive Computer Technology: A Case Study At A Community Center In Northwest Florida Students' Success In A Practical Nursing Program In A Southern Alabama Technical College Friendship Development Of Children Who Are Mentally Handicapped: An Analysis Of Their Relationships With Each Other And Their Relationships With Normal Peers Motivation And SelfRegulation Of Learning Strategies On Student Performance In Online Courses The Terranova Mathematics Test As A Predictor For Grades In Algebra I Identifying UnderRepresented Gifted SecondGrade Students In Baldwin County, Alabama's Project Jubilee Schools Mentoring In An Innter City Elementary School To Increase Reading And Self Esteem Scores African Women's Lived Experiences, Strategies, And Barriers In United States Higher Education Institutions Faculty Computer SelfEfficacy And Technology Integration At The Hsiuping Institute of Technology (Taiwan) School Choice And Florida School Vouchers: Identifying Perceptions And Attitudes Of Public School Personnel, Parents, And Students In A Northwest Florida School District High School Physics Students' Performance In Simulations The Effectiveness Of Section 504 Of The United States Rehabilitation Act In The Baldwin County, Alabama Public School System WebBased Training In Taiwan's Fortune 500 Corporations: Implementation Factors Performance Of Nutritional Students In Nutritional ComputerAssisted Instruction (NCAI) In Taiwan
The Design, Implementation, And Evaluation Of A WebBased Training Program For Future School Administrators In A Northwest Florida School District Predictors of Success for Practical Nursing Students in a South Central Alabama Technical College
Perceptions of Fourth Grade Teachers In A Northwest Florida School District of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment TestsFCAT Reading and FCAT Writing
Ratings of a School Resource Officer Program In A Northwest Florida School District by Students, Teachers, Administrators, and School Resource Officers Privatization of Support Services In Public Higher Education Institutations In the State of Florida Student and Teacher Perceptions of Florida Community College Mathematics Teachers' Behaviors The Infusion of Values in Middle School Language Arts n Interpretive Study of Career Development Processes of Adolescents Attending a Technical High School Bimodal Information Processing in Radar Signal Identification High School Honors Mathematics and WebBased Instruction A Validation Study Of The Munroe Multicultural Attitude Scale Questionnaire (Masque)
2001 Myrick, Susan
2001 Peavy, Joan
2001 Player, Daphne 2001 Rierson, William
2001 Seals, Cheryl
2001 Semenov, Amy
2001 Shaw, Robert
2001 Washington, Bettie 2001 Barber, Karen
2001 Bates, Alice
2000 Durr, Sandra
2000 Estilong, Aurelia 2000 Hastings, Sandra
2000 Moody, Patrice 2000 Nelson, Susie
2000 Norman, Sue 2000 Paulcheck, William
2000 Pittman, Leonia 2000 Rufus, Paula
2000 Smith, Ann 2000 Southard, Anne
2000 Stephens, Emily
2000 Wheeler, Joann 2000 Williams, Tyrone 2000 Bagui, Sikha
2000 Bowman, Chris
2000 Clay, Jennifer
2000 ClevengerSchmertzing, Andrea
1999 Barnes, Stacie
1999 Bishop, Richard
A Study of the Effect of Collaborative Learning Methods and Learning Styles on Motivation in a Video Teletraining Environment Parental Motivation and Student Performance During the Inaugural Year of a Dual Enrollment Charter High School Program at a Community College Students' Multiple Intelligences Profile Strengths, Report Card Grades, Standardized Test Results, and Participation in Extracurricular Activities In A Northwest Florida School District Interactive Multimedia and Combat Vehicle Identification Training Program Implementation and Student Evaluation of Career Academy, Work Based Learning in Selected Florida School Districts Student School Climate Satisfaction Of Selectted Charter And Public Secondary School Students In A Northwest Florida School District A Study of the Faculty Governance System and Faculty Control of the Curriculum At Selected StateSupported Universities The Golden Wings Project: Effective Readiness Best Practices For Transitioning Prekindergarten Students To Kindergarten In A Northwest Florida County School System Effective Implementation of Integrated Learning Systems
The Current Status of African American Women in Institutions of Higher Education and Their Rate of Advancement into Senior Level Faculty and Administrative Positions: A Case Study of African American Women in Florida A Magnet Arts Program and Student Achievement and Attitude in a Northwest Florida Middle School The Impact of the Montessori HandsOn Curriculum on the Reading and Mathematics Scores of Selected Students in an Elementary School Setting The Perception of Employers Towards Persons with Disabilities Instructional Leadership and Student Achievement Outcomes in a Northwest Florida School District Mathematics Reform: Teacher Change Through Professional Development Teacher Variables Which Predict Student Computer Use in a Midsize Florida School District An Analysis of the Transition from Cub Scout to Boy Scout An Examination of Perceptual Change in Decisionmaking Power Instituted by the Inception of School Advisory Councils Human Rights Advocacy and Workplace Diversity: A Corporate Case Study Factors in the Selection of a TwoYear Institution by College Students in Community Colleges of Northwest Florida Student Satisfaction with the Assessment of Online Collaborative Work
A Kindergarten Emotional Intelligence Indicator: Help for the Classroom Teacher Webbased Instructional Support: The Effects on Academic Achievement and Motivation Among Undergraduate Students Enrolled in a TwoWay Interactive Television Course A CaseStudy of Middle School Students' Lived Experiences Impact of Kolb's Learning Style on Authoring of Multimedia A Comparison of Fifth Grade Student Performance Based on Achievement Test Scores When Instructed with the A Beka Book Curriculum by Onsite Teachers or by A Beka Video Home School Writing Experience, Attitude, and SelfEfficacy as Predictors of Writing Performance in College Freshman and Senior CollegeBound High School Students Graduate Student Perspectives on an Interactive Distance Learning Studio: Culture and Adaptation in Technologically Mediated Classrooms The MOVE Curriculum: An Application Of Contemporary Theories Of Physical Therapy And Education Training And Education Program Negotiations Between Americans And Saudi Arabians
1999 Coffey, John
1999 CurciReed, Lori Lynn
1999 Ferguson, Mitchell
1999 Freeman, Daniel 1999 Hugli, Wilbur 1999 Hurd, James
1999 Martin, Angela
1999 Osmondson, Eugene 1999 Purifoy, Tangela
1999 Sanderson, Laura 1999 Sites, Richard
1999 Smith, Robert E., Jr.
1999 Spence, Rebecca 1999 Steele, Judith
1999 Turner, Lisa
1999 Vannerson, Ruth A.
 1999 Whitfield, Toni 1999 Youngblood, Russell A. 1998 Ball, Kathleen A.
1998 Fuller, Anita
1998 Gruber, Connie W.
1998 Henley, Mary A.
1998 Loisel, Karen D.
1998 Mcbride, Rebecca R.
1998 Miller, David O. 1998 Owen, Karen S.
1998 Smith, William E.
1998 Winebarger, Conley F.
1997 Barber, Linda B.
1997 Campbell, William A. 1997 Kelley, Diane D.
1997 Moore, James C.
1997 Myers, Susan D. 1997 Norton, Diane H.
Leo: A Learning Environment Organizer to Accompany Constructivist Knowledge Models Professional Development Based On Teacher Theoretical Orientation Toward Reading Instruction And The Use Of Balanced Literacy Strategies Effects of an International English Program (IEP) on the Acculturation of International Students Webbased Science Software Application Training Program in Image Processing in a Northwest Florida School District Teams, Training and Trust in the Virtual Environment College Student Campus Employment and Learning Outcomes The Effects of Using Grammatical Person on Student Acceptance of Written Feedback to Improve Subsequent Performance An Evaluation of Second Step: A Social Skills Training Curriculum for Violence Prevention Completers and Noncompleters in an Alabama Technical College TechnologyBased Intervention for the Compliance of Medical Treatment in Cystic Fibrosis Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Scaffolding in a Webbased Performance Support System Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) Student Achievement, Attitudes And Technology Teacher Performance Assessment Systems and Employee Compensation in Five Northwest Florida School Districts Computer Mediated Communication and Professional Writing: Making Sense of The Effectiveness of Two Nontraditional Methods to Teach Social Studies Content: Historical Fiction and Living History Effectiveness Of Professional Development For Principals In Florida As Perceived By Florida Middle School Principals Firstyear Student Connectedness and ServiceLearning in a Florida Regional University A Case Study Of Expert Teachers' Beliefs, Philosophies, And Instructional School Leaders' Perceptions Of SchoolBased Management Incentive Based School Integration Of TechnologyRelated Staff Development In Selected Elementary Schools In A Northwest Florida School District
Student Teachers' Issues Of Concern And Changes In Initial Images Of Teaching The Utilization Of Selected Assessment Data Sources In Florida's Okaloosa District Public School Secondary Mathematics Instruction Florida Writes! : Its Effect On Staff Development Activity At A Northwest Florida Elementary School Teacher/Parent Communication And Student Academic Achievement In A Northwest Florida Public Elementary School Attitudes Of Okaloosa And Walton County Businesses Toward SchoolToWork Transitioning Of Developmentally Disabled Students The View From Inside : An Ethnography Of A School Labeled Critically Low The Management Of Indoor Air Quality In Selected Okaloosa County Florida Schools Computer Simulation And Conventional Laboratory Practices In CollegeLevel Electronics Instruction An Ecological Approach To Resilience And Competence In Middle School Students
Parental Involvement And Career Preparation In A North Florida Middle School Distance Learning And Homebound Instruction A Simulation Of Three Models For Analyzing Pretest/Posttest Experimental/Control Group Designs : Repeated Measures, Analysis Of Covariance, And Traditional Analysis Of Variance On Gain Scores GraduateLevel Instruction In Technology And Elementary Classroom Curriculum Change Computers In Personalized Classrooms
1997 Penry, Lynda M.
1997 Prough, Gene A.
1997 Rasheed, Barbara Y. 1997 Scott, Jimmy A.
1997 Smith, Christine K.
1997 Weeks, Linda A.
Presidential Awardees' Perceptions Of Effective Staff Development And How It Relates To The Classroom
An Historical Review On How State Officials Perceive That The Accountability Commission Impacted Higher Education, PK12, And The Community Determinants Of College Student Retention And Academic Performance: The Mediating Effects Of RetentionIntervention Strategies Reading Software And Alternative Education : A Case Study Learner Analysis Variables As Components Of Collaborative Learning In Post Secondary WebBased (Distance) Learning Bridges: The Analytical Scoring Guide For Cooperative Learning Groups : An Authentic Performance Assessment Instrument
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