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s:\head office\! advocacy and communications\! marketing and brand development\digital and print media\ace_corporate_website\mous\memorandum_of_understanding_ace_crt.doc, page 1 of 5, 20/12/2011 Memorandum of Understanding 1 The Partners in this Memorandum of Understanding Arts Council England (ACE) and the Canal & River Trust (CRT) agree to implement a shared approach to engaging with contemporary artists for the benefit of the waterways network, users and the artistic community.
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Published : Wednesday, March 28, 2012
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Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell RSA RSW (18831937) Framed Watercolour (signed to rear) ‘Iona looking to Mull’
Despite short trips to Venice and France, Cadell focused almost entirely on Scottish landscape. Cadell first visited Iona in 1912 and spent much of his summer time there during subsequent years. He quickly became a well – kent and popular figure in the tiny island community. He converted a croft into a studio and worked on the beaches dressed in his kilt and silk shirts.ese timeless pictures, particularly of the North End of the Island rejoice in spectacular sunlight and atmospheric effects on clear blue water, white sand rocks and Machair, Cadell or‘Bunty’ as he was known, never tired of producing concise and spontaneous views.£4000£6000 Provenance: Purchased from Cadells Studio, George Street, Edinburgh
Johan Scherrewitz (18681951) Framed oil on canvas ‘Dutch Fishing Wherry with Fisher folk, unloading the catch’ John Scherrewitz was born in 1868 in Amsterdam. His family had high hopes that he would become a Stockbroker like his father, but succumbed to Johan’s requests that he be allowed to take drawing and painting lessons. He became a student at the studio of GJH Poggenbeek. Scherrewitz painted landscapes with cattle and horses. It was said that Art was in his blood, as his Mother was French and related to the painter Antoine Renou. roughout his life, he travelled to France and Germany but he preferred painting Dutch Landscapes particularly the Dunes along the North Sea. He looked for the joys of nature and depicted them with an elegant gesture and often with great precision. Scherrewitz became a member of‘Arts et Amicitae’ in Amsterdam. Many of his works were exported to the UK and USA£6000£9000
John McGhie (18671952) Oil on canvas Titled resting (west Coast Study) 46cm x 31cm £800£1200
Mary Armour RSA RSW (19022000) Framed oil on canvas West Coast Study‘Wester Ross’ 50cm x 31cm £600£800
Denovan Adam RSA (18421896) Gilt framed oil on board Highland Cattle in landscape, harvest stooks and Castle in background 34cm x 24cm £300£500
John Lowrie Morrison Jolomo ’96 Framed oil on board ‘Evening Sound of Iona’ 39cm x 39cm £600£900
Niels Fristrup (18371909) Gilt framed oil on canvas dated 1871 ‘Farm yard ducks on pond’ 46cm x 36cm £2000£3000
Helen Turner (fl 1957) Framed oil on canvas ‘Dutch Lnadscape Windmill’ 60cm x 50cm £300£500
Tom Campbell (18651943) Gilt framed oil on canvas ’Roadside Cottage’ 49cm x 39cm £300£400
C.R. D’oylyJohn (19061993) Framed oil on canvas ‘Les Martingues, near Cassis, South France’ 34cm x 24cm £200£300
C.R. D’oylyJohn (19061993) Framed oil on vancas ‘La P d’Antibes, near Nice, South of France’ 34cm x 24cm £200£300
Joseph William Carey (18591937) Framed watercolour dated 1926 ‘e Gobbins’ 45cm x 27cm £200£300
Joseph William Carey (18591937) Framed watercolour dated 1926 ‘Slieve Bearnagh, the Devils Bite’ 45cm x 27cm £200£300
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