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Harlequin Comics: The English Doctor's Baby

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Alex is the unbelievably rich heir of a prestigious family, and not only does he live in a huge mansion, he's also good-looking

Harlequin Comics: Occupation: Casanova

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Jake believes he is destined to live a life of one-night stands and short relationships, to the point where he's founded the

Rage 2 (US)


Full Moon is looming over the horizon! And it's not a good sign for Rage, Nicodemus, Ariane and Tuk. Our unlikely heroes are on

Harlequin Comics: Wed by Deception

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Ever since her husband died eleven years ago, Nadia has been busy playing and working to take her mind off things. Now,

Harlequin Comics: The Desert Bride

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Researcher Bethany comes to Datar on a work trip. After some trouble, she is taken to the palace and is reuinited with the

Harlequin Comics: The Spaniard's Defiant Virgin

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Determined to save her family's company from ruin, Tamsin agrees to become a bride to the wealthy shiekh tycoon Aziz. But on

Harlequin Comics: The Pregnancy Bond

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Today is Kelly’s eighth wedding anniversary. It’s also the day her divorce from Jake, her famous journalist husband, has

Harlequin Comics: Found: His Royal Baby

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Crown Prince Dane of Montenevada, the oldest of three brothers, has always had the heaviest of responsibilities. One of his

Harlequin Comics: The Sheikh's Impatient Virgin

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

After her mother passes away, Eva finds out that her father was the prince of a foreign country in the Middle East, and she is

Harlequin Comics: Pregnancy & Passion - Tome 4: Undone by Her ...

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Pippa has been asked to cater her best friend Ashley’s party, complete with celebrities, but her workers bail on her. She

Harlequin Comics: Princess Brides - Tome 1: The Sultan's Bought ...

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Amid a swirl of rose petals, the desert sultan solemnly materializes. Nicolette is stunned. With his well-defined face and

Harlequin Comics: Lords of the Underworld - Tome 5 : The Darkest ...

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Angel Olivia appears out of nowhere in front of Dark Warrior Aeron. She claims that she went through numerous obstacles just to

Harlequin Comics: The Sheik and the Virgin Secretary

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

"Sir, would you make me your mistress?" Kiley, a plain and serious secretary, suddenly makes the bold request. Rafiq is taken

Harlequin Comics: The Desert Bride of Al Zayed

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

After marrying the man she loved, Tariq, Jayne discovered he was actually the Sheikh of Zayed. As such, their married life

Harlequin Comics: The Salvatore Marriage

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Shannon’s sister, Keira, is critically injured in a car accident, the same one that killed Keira’s husband, Angelo. It’s Luca,

Harlequin Comics: Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence

Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.

Eleanor, beautiful red-haired witch. I'll give you a kiss so you'll never forget this day—or me.... Eleanor has come to the