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Nobody - and the whole of Boteju Land agreed - could cook like Maudiegirl. She wielded a wizard's wand not only in the kitchen but also over domestic problems, however large in magnitude; from predicting the sex of an unborn child to knowing more than a dozen ways to cook eels; from cutting a goat in the right way to setting failing marriages straight; from nursing the ailing to health to keeping the best kitchen, Maudiegirl had a solution to every little problem. Her home was her castle and the kitchen her domain.
In the fourth serving of his Burgher chronicles, Carl Muller reverts to his favourite family, the von Blosses of his first 'Burgher' book, The Jam fruit Tree. A hungry family and a wonderful cook, a kind paedophile, a cantankerous mother-in-law, a disloyal husband, good-for-nothing uncles, prudish Pentecostals, Dunnyboy's exhibitionism, Sonnaboy's show-of-strength- the author captures the hallmarks of the von Blosses' days and ways in his quintessentially irreverent, witty and heart-warming style.
Maudiegirl and the von Bloss Kitchen features many of Maudiegirl's famous recipes making the book a treat not only for Muller fans but also for the senses!

Published : Monday, March 09, 2009
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