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Tutorial - Embed the YouScribe reader in your blog or website


All you need to know to embed easily a publication in your website or blog!

Lettre de motivation - Stage à l'étranger (Biologie, agronomie, ...


Lettre de motivation pour trouver un stage d'étude à l'étranger ! Difficile de trouver un stage à l'étranger ? La lettre de

Sunshine Girls Amigurumi Dolls Crochet Pattern

K and J Publishing

These little girls come in two versions: with long or short skirt. The head scarf can be taken off. This pattern is written

Mini Gang Key Chain Dolls Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

K and J Publishing

A crochet pattern for a tiny cat, bunny, frog and bear. They are only 2 inches (5 cm) high (excluding ears). You can hang them

Secrets Of The People Whisperer

Ebury Publishing

In 1990 Perry Wood shelved his music career to breed, break in and train horses. 'All my work with horses,' he says, 'has been

Frontiers Of Health

Ebury Publishing

Frontiers of Health is an essential guide to healing, combining medical expertise with unique insights into the human condition

Understanding Disease

Ebury Publishing

This book explains with a minimum of jargon how diseases start, what that main symptoms are and how they may affect us.It is

Secrets from the Afterlife

Ebury Publishing

Colin Fry is the acclaimed star of '6ixth Sense', and 'Psychic Private Eyes', and is UK TV's leading psychic medium. Not only

Mind And Movement

Ebury Publishing

By using body movements and postures as doorways to our own natural healing process, we can actively release tension; find

Spiritual Alchemy

Ebury Publishing

We are living in a time of great change, explains Dr Christine Page. And this time presents a wonderful opportunity to reclaim


Ebury Publishing

Do you realize how revealing your handwriting is? Whenever you put pen to paper - whether applying for a job, addressing an

Just Do It Now!

Ebury Publishing

What makes Lynda Field's major new work so different from those of her competitors is her unique voice. Accessible, humorous

Let Your Life Flow

Ebury Publishing

A basic definition of the Alexander Technique would be how to perform every activity or maintain every posture with the minimum

The Mirror Of Existence

Ebury Publishing

Dr Christine Page invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery by stepping into the 'Mirror of Existence' where we will

Disease Signs In The Iris

Ebury Publishing

Disease Signs in the Iris is intended for those who already have knowledge of the basic principles of irisdiagnosis. Part 1 is

Bob Monkhouse's Complete Speaker's Handbook

Ebury Publishing

Discover Bob Monkhouse's secrets accumulated from a lifetime's experience in scriptwriting and speechmaking. With his own