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YouScribe’s catalogue features more than 1 million titles: comics, eBooks, audiobooks, local newspapers … A whole reading universe right in your pocket!

-         eBooks and comics: bestselling novels, romances, self-development, professional development, language learning guides, thrillers, …

-         Audiobooks, youth, novels, bestsellers, …

-         International newspapers, French, Arabic and English newspapers

-         Pedagogical documents, sheet music, internship reports, Research papers …


The site is designed for use on all types of device (desktop, tablet, smartphone). You can access it in English or French, thanks to the flags.

Enjoy reading anytime, on any device.

For a better user experience, we recommend the use of our app if you read using a tablet or a smartphone.

Thanks to the offline reading feature available on the app: you can read everywhere. On a plane, train, or even a submarine… Just download your content and you won’t have to worry any longer about internet access!


Light, a whole reading universe right in your pocket.

Connected, access from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Convenient, read anywhere… in trains, planes, submarines! Thanks to our offline reading feature.

Unlimited, are you ready for limitless reading?

Creating a custom reading selection allows you to create your very own pocket library with all your favorite content.

Customized selections are a way to store, sort and easily access your favorite content. You can create as many customized selections as you want, name them and modify them anytime. A great way to customize your reading experience on YouScribe.

Allows to annotate and mark pages:

·         Memos overview accessible anytime.

·         Use memos as customized bookmarks

·         Find your memos on all screens (smartphone, tablet, computer). You won’t lose them by switching devices.

You can find all your memos in your personal user space:


Through social medial or emails, the sharing feature allows you to share your reads of the moment with your contacts. Accessible through the navigation bar of the reader, this button gives you the opportunity to recommend your crushes with a simple click.

If you want to share a publication on your website or blog, we offer you the possibility to use our reader for free. When you are on the product sheet page of the document you want to embed on your website, all you have to do is click on “Embed” button available on the navigation bar of the reader. Copy/paste the link you get in your publication tool to make the reader appear where you want it.

It’s easy, fast and convenient!



Click on the « Publish » icon you find on the top of every YouScribe page. Then, you need to choose the document you want to publish and fill its information details. Uploading takes just a few clicks.

You can find all your published documents in the “my publications” section in your user space.


After logging in, please go to your user space and click on the “my profil” tab.

In the default mode, your YouScribe account does not allow you to reference your publications in our search engine.

For your publication to be referenced in the YouScribe search engine, you have to contact our partner’s department to have your application studied. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

To delete your account, go to the Settings tab in your personal area. At the bottom of the page, click on Delete my account. Your profile will be deleted and all your publications will be suspended.

No. Once that your publication is online, you can no longer edit its contents. However, it is possible to amend its information details.

If you want to update or replace it with a newer version or modify its status (free or chargeable), you have to publish it again.

Publications validated for referencing in the YouScribe catalogue are compensated based on their use by our readers.

For the compensation to be transferred to you, your net revenues must be superior to 50 euros. If it is not the case, the transfer will be postponed to the next month.

In all cases, your account balance will be entirely transferred every end of semester (February and August) and all account closure will be followed by a transfer of the full balance by the end of the month following the closure. You can check your revenues anytime in your user space (here)

Here are a few checks to be made to try to solve the problem:

If the error occurs while loading the file:

-          perhaps your Internet connection is unstable. Check that you are connected to the Internet and that the transfer rate is satisfactory. If you are on Wi-Fi, check the signal strength.

-          your Internet browser must authorise the transfer of data with YouScribe. Check in the options or preferences of your browser that this is in fact the case.
check that the size of your file does not exceed 100 Mo.

-          If the error occurs in the reader (the document is not displayed, or is illegible): Check that the original file is not password protected. If that is the case, disable it and try to publish your document again.

-          if you are publishing a PDF, check that it does not contain any layers. The presence of layers in a PDF may prevent its from displaying on YouScribe.

-          check that your document does not contain vector images, uncompressed images or embedded multimedia (audio or video). The YouScribe reader cannot display this kind of contents.


If the problem persists, please try to publish your file in another format and, if it still doesn’t work, contact our IT department with all the details regarding your problem.

CAMEROON - in partnership with Orange: offer accessible only to Orange subscribers

To subscribe to the offer of 100 F / day + 1 free day to start: send YS by SMS to 9112 
OR subscribe to the offer of 500 F / week + 2 free days to start: send YOUSCRIBE by SMS to 9112

BURKINA FASO - In partnership with Orange Telecom: the YouScribe platform is available only for Orange’s customers.

To subscribe to the 120 F/day + 20 Mo offer: please send YS by SMS to 352

Or to subscribe to the 600 F/day + 100 Mo offer: please send YS7 by SMS to 352

TUNISIA - in partnership with Tunisie Telecom: offer accessible only to Tunisie Telecom subscribers.
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Congrats! Someone sent you a gift code: You just need to enter it here :, validate it and create your special access to YouScribe.

Of the code is said to be invalid, maybe there was a typo, or the code has already been used. In that case, please contact the person who offered you the code.

Please note that you can use your code only once.

FRANCE - Free trial for 7 days!
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You can cancel your subscription at any time, our offers are all without commitment.

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A. You subscribed by entering your credit/debit card on the YouScribe site
Your subscription is billed by YouScribe directly
Procedure: Log on to > My account > Cancel my subscription and confirm

B. You subscribed via the YouScribe mobile application
Your subscription is billed by Google or Apple
- Android: On your smartphone > Google Play Settings
- Apple: On your iPhone, > Settings > Apple Id. (1st option on the screen) > iTunes Store > App Store > Apple Id > confirm and  enter your Apple password > Subscription > Select YouScribe et confirm cancellation.

C. You subscribed by providing OR confirming your mobile number
Your subscription is billed by your mobile carrier or mobile service provider
Procedure: On OR go to > My account > Close my subscription and confirm.


You never received your credentials by SMS enabling you to log into YouScribe and unsubscribe?

Contact by email our partner Digital Virgo’s Customer Support in charge of billings at


- SENEGAL: send STOP by SMS to 21302 or

- IVORY COAST : send STOP by SMS to 7920 or

- CAMEROON: send STOP by SMS to 9112 or

- TUNISIA: send STOP YS by SMS to 85377 or 

All our titles are sorted by type (eBook, audiobooks, newspapers, comics, documents, …) and themes (literature, youth, professional resources, …) and even sub-themes! Thanks to our browsing


Tous nous ouvrages sont rangés par type (Livres, Audiobooks, Presse, BD, Documents, Scolaires), puis par thématiques (littérature, Jeunesse, Ressources professionnelles…) et encore par sous-thématiques… C’est un voyage tout en profondeur dans les multiples facettes de l’univers de lecture. Cette navigation vous permettra de trouver facilement la pépite que vous cherchez !


Vous pouvez aussi utiliser notre moteur de recherche. Les résultats peuvent être triés par : plus lus, Nouveautés, Ordre alphabétique.  Vous pouvez aussi classer les résultats selon la langue, les plus lus, la date de mise en ligne, ou encore simplement par ordre alphabétique.

What are ePubs?

You will experience the best digital reading experience thanks to epubs! These will allow you to change the font, the font size, change the background color, access the table of contents. This format is particularly used for texts, images and interactive content.



PDF formats

A PDF is the traditional digital format for texts. It allows a great reading experience for comics, and newspapers. You can zoom in and discover all the details.




Audio files are what allows you to listen to audiobooks on YouScribe.


Please check if you are logged in, and that your internet network is working. If this doesn’t solve your problem, please contact our customer service.

Don’t forget to mention:

-          The title

-          The nature of the problem

-          The device used (phone, desktop)

-          And if you are using our app or website.

We’ll do our best to help you solving this problem!


If you find on YouScribe content that does not comply to our General Sales condition,, please inform us. You can easily report inappropriate content by using the “More features” button in our e-Reader. Click on “Report a problem ». A member of our team will examine your request as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, as for today you can’t access YouScribe through your e-Reader. As we want to remain accessible to any pocket of the world ;-)