A pocket digital library

Suited to all audiences, YouScribe regularly updates its catalogue comprising a wide range of categories and subjects. Novels, comics, children's literature, university reports, professional works and music scores are provided from the shelves of Europe’s largest digital library.

Students, teachers, professionals in training and bookworms can enjoy the books available online on all devices (smartphone, tablet, computer).

The mobile application’s “Offline” mode provides access to resources without an internet connection, enabling uninterrupted reading, anywhere. The publishing function allows users to make contributions and enrich the catalogue.

A start-up geared towards the French-speaking world

YouScribe believes in Innovation to revolutionise reading. Located in the heart of Paris, the company hosts a team whose members are passionate about books and new technologies.

Founded by Juan Pirlot de Corbion, winner of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur Prize 2013, the company received the prize for the best crowdfunding project awarded by the Assises de la Finance Participative.


· YouScribe focused resolutely on French-speaking Africa where it offered its online library services.

· Its involvement was recognised by the 2017 Digital Africa Challenge Prize, organised by AFD, French Tech and Bpifrance.


· The French National Commission for UNESCO awarded its patronage for the "Reading for All" program.

· The International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF) partnered with YouScribe in the promotion of education of French-speaking populations around the world.

· The Orange Group chose YouScribe so that the Group's subsidiaries in Africa could promote access to reading in countries where books are not widely distributed.

YouScribe is committed to defending knowledge and access to reading in all French-speaking countries. The digital library is open to publication, and allows users to adopt the platform on a local basis to promote the dissemination of knowledge.


· May 23 2019: Launch of the Sonatel partnership (Orange Senegal) and YouScribe Senegal with a subscriber base of 30 million.

· May 15 2019 ​: Orange Côte d'Ivoire launched with a subscriber base of 14 million.​

· April 27 2019: Orange Cameroon launched with a subscriber base of 19 million.​