YouScribe pays great attention compliance with copyright law.

Please find below an excerpt from the general terms of use and the special conditions of YouScribe in relation to copyright. Read it carefully!

Do you want to publish on YouScribe?

We would like to remind you that in your capacity as a content provider you are responsible for the content that you offer, both with regard to other users and us. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the content that you put online does not constitute a breach of the intellectual property rights of third parties.
In relation to these rights, you are prohibited from putting online any writing that you have not personally established or for which you have not acquired the rights from the holder of the rights.
Otherwise the content will be removed and/or your account deactivated without prior warning. Furthermore, you will personally incur criminal sanctions specific to the litigious content (penalties of imprisonment and fines), in addition to possible sentencing to pay the damages.

Do you want to use the content of other YouScribe users or partners?

You are not, under any circumstances, the holder of the intellectual property rights for the content concerned. Unless specifically authorised by the user or partner concerned, the use of the content that it offers within the service is reserved exclusively for your personal and private use, thus excluding any collective use or commercial exploitation of the content concerned. The same holds true for any subsequent reproduction of the content.
Any analysis and short quotations of a content are included unless they are justified by the critical, polemic, pedagogical, scientific or informative nature on the work to which they are incorporated and unless the name of the author and the source are clearly indicated.
You are prohibited from amending or altering the identification notices of the content or undermining the protection measures (including the Digital Rights Management or "DRM") that the content may be subject to.
We remind you that your use must not, in any case, undermine the normal exploitation of the works that constitute the content of other users or our partners, their authors, or cause an unjustified prejudice to the legitimate interests of the authors concerned.

Do you hold the rights to a document published on YouScribe without your permission?

YouScribe has put in place a function, for all users (registered or not), for reporting content that does not comply with the obligations laid down in YouScribe's General Terms of Use. In accordance with the regulations in force and when YouScribe has actual knowledge of clearly illicit content, that content will be removed.
Any person wishing to make YouScribe aware of the presence on the site of a content protected by intellectual property rights which the user concerned has not the rights to use, may warm us by clicking on the link Report an abuse located under the Reader.
It is also possible to notify us of a breach by letter, in writing to: YouScribe, Reporting service, 13, rue du Mail -75002 Paris (France).
This notification must, for the purposes of processing, mention all of the following information:

  • the notification date,
  • the petitioner's identity (for individuals: surname, first name, occupation, residence, nationality, date and place of birth; for legal persons: name, form, address of headquarters and identity of the legal representative),
  • the description of the disputed facts and the precise location of the content in question (e.g. URL link),
  • the reasons why the content should be removed, mentioning the reference to the applicable legal provisions,
  • the copy of the correspondence addressed to the author or the publisher of the information or disputed activities requesting their interruption, withdrawal or amendment, or evidence of the fact that the author or the publisher could not be contacted.

For more information on French copyright law, please see the fact sheet on protection by copyright law established by the media development management team on observing the law on literary and artistic property on the Internet. This sheet outlines the main features of the protection, in particular:

  • the duration of protection,
  • the penalties in case of a breach of copyright law.

Please also find a specific section on copyright law in our Questions / Answers.