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Passionate about cinema ? To be informed of theatrical releases, to improve your knowledge of feature films and short films or to access press kits for films, reviews and screenplays , discover our online documentation center on cinema .

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Fans of dark rooms, students or cinema technicians, Youscribe offers you many documents on the work of directors and actors, from filming to promotion. The technical sheets will give you thousands of information on the stars of the big screen and their directors.

You will discover the work of technicians, scriptwriters, editors, costume designers, lighting designers, the role of producers and distributors, and, for pleasure, numerous files on cult replicas of the greatest hits in theaters.

Studies and reviews, from synopsis to analysis

To go further in the study of the 7th art, we suggest that you explore the great cinematic trends , from Expressionism to Neo-realism, from the New Wave to the arrival of special effects.

Discover what makes the key to the success or failure of a feature or short film, the art of adaptation or the importance of the soundtrack. Become critical by following our film analysis tutorials and learn how to ask the right questions with an educational objective in mind.

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As a 7th art, cinema has often been studied, analyzed or deciphered. So if you are interested in this art invented by the Lumière brothers, you will find everything you need in this theme entirely dedicated to cinema. PDF document,  Books and ebooks on the subject will be available for download. You will also have access to a wide choice of cards, documents and screenplay on cinema, so take advantage.

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To go into more detail on this fascinating subject that is the 7th art, we offer a section on books on cinema and TV series. You will be able to find a catalog of beautiful books about films, actors, directors or the rest of the cinematographic world.