Internship reports

3 e , ongoing education or graduation, you will often have the opportunity to do a traineeship . It is therefore an opportunity to test this theoretical knowledge and to improve one's skills and practice. This type of training also allows you to know if you are on the right path or to give yourself an idea of ​​the future job that you could do.

Appreciated by the students, but also by the recruiters, because it is a real plus on the CV (our documents for  writing a CV ), the internship gives, on the other hand, the right to additional work. Indeed, following your experience in business, your school or higher education establishment will ask you to make an internship report . Not always easy to do! This is why YouScribe offers you on this page and on others to discover everything you need to know about this work ...

An imposed exercise from the 3 rd to the Master

During your schooling, writing an internship report is a task that you will be regularly confronted with.

For all ages

You will be asked for a first summary of business experience from the third, at the end of the compulsory internship. It is not finished, because of course it will increase from the start of higher education…

Indeed, when you enter higher education, whether at university or in a school (business, engineering, computer science, arts, etc.), for a DUT, a BTS, a professional license, a master, a doctorate or any other diploma, you will normally have the right to one or more internships in a company. These first professional experiences must then be transcribed in a report to be submitted to your establishment .

Many reasons

But why is it that most interns are required to report on their experience?

There are several simple reasons why the internship report is most of the time mandatory:

  • The first is simply to see what you did during your internship to see if it had anything to do with your education.

  • The second is to determine if this experience has brought you something for yourself and your professional project.

  • The third is to see what skill you have developed through practice, because practice is often more effective than theory.

  • The fourth is to develop your writing , synthesis and analysis skills which you will be required to write your report.

Thanks to a simple document, your proofreader will be able to assess you.

Tips and examples

The internship report is an exercise that requires writing, synthesis and organizational skills. Indeed, you will be asked to explain what you did during your internship in a few pages or sometimes in several tens of pages. Thanks to our site, you are going to access a wide choice of content that should greatly help you.

How to report?

Question that many interns ask themselves, how to write or write their internship report  ? It is indeed normal to wonder what we can put in it, what we are going to be able to say to succeed in writing several pages or tens of pages. You will also have access to a lot of advice and information that should make it easier for you to present your work.

Differences by level

Even if it has the same name, a third internship report will not be similar to a final internship report. Indeed, the differences are often obvious, the version for the 3 rd years is logically smaller and less complicated. The more your level of education increases, the more your summary of what you have done in business will have to be precise, interesting, complete, etc.

Differences by profession

As with the classes, there may be notable differences between an internship report for an accountant or IT position. Each profession, each sector has differences, it is therefore normal to take them into account and make them appear in its report.


In addition to the examples that can help you deepen the subject on certain sides of the internship report , you will also be able to discover in our documents below various examples, models, tips, tips to help you make a good internship report.