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Do you have difficulties with languages and want to improve yourself? No problem with the Youscribe site . Indeed, you will find plenty of documents to download to improve your languages . So go ahead and go to our site to download the right docs.

Learn languages: download thousands of docs!

Whatever language you are looking for, we have the documents you need. Indeed, if you want to learn English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Arabic or even French, then Youscribe is for you. In total, you have at your disposal more than 50,000 documents relating to languages .

You will therefore find documents on grammar, vocabulary, dictionaries or even language courses. Our sharing site is also a set of tips and small guides to improve your language well. Some documents even teach you how to speak a language correctly . Finally, we also offer a set of texts that will allow you to progress quickly in the language of your choice.

Texts according to your language level

You already have a good level of language or you are a beginner, do not worry, because we can offer you the doc you need. Thanks to our wide choice, you will necessarily find the text that best suits your level of foreign language . We even have documents that will allow you to revise your English baccalaureate or other language exams.

In this theme, we also have in our catalog of documents on the French language so that foreign speakers can learn or for French can improve. So if you have a problem in French, this site is for you.

Add your own documents

You are good at language or you have lessons , exercises, quality texts to learn a foreign language , then share them. For this, nothing could be simpler, you just have to publish your document directly on The only requirement is that this is allowed in copyright.