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You must complete a thesis, a dissertation, an analysis or a commentary. The main problem is how to do it. The methodology - or "the method of science" - is here for, as it serves to know what to do when you write a document type given. It is therefore a set of rules and principles that must be applied when drafting a document. You will find in this thematic full of  methodological documents to download which will help you in your schooling and your studies.

Dissertation methodology

The dissertation is an argumentation exercise organized most of the time in three parts according to a problem. You have to be careful because the dissertation does not have the same meaning in France as in most other countries. It is widely used in France from high school and that is why it is important to know the methodology of the dissertation to write it.

Whether in French, philosophy, history and geography, economic and social sciences or in other types of sciences, it will be common to have an exam which will take the form of a dissertation. To properly write your dissertation , you must therefore adopt the three-part plan (introduction, development and conclusion) which will have to answer a problem.

If you have a good essay methodology that is combined with a good review of your exam , you will have all the cards in hand to succeed. This is why we offer you in this part methodologies on dissertations in philosophy, law or all subjects .

Methodology of a comment

With the dissertation, the composite (or literary) commentary is one of the most important forms for successfully completing your French baccalaureate. This is why you will find on our document sharing platform several methodologies on the composed comment . The latter will be a judgment or a personal opinion that it will be necessary to structure and draft in a particular way to meet the request of the examiners. If you know how to write a commentary or a dissertation and if you have revised our reading sheets (for example those on L'Ecole des Femmes ), you will no doubt be ready for the French bac.

Composed comment is not the only type of comment. There is also a stop or legal comment. It is a legal analysis of a judgment of a court of appeal or a court of cassation. Making a comment is not always easy. This is why Youscribe offers you a methodology on stop comments that will allow you to easily carry out this type of assignment. However we do not limit ourselves only to the stop comment because we also offer a lot of methodologies on legal and law dissertations .

Methodology of a thesis

The thesis is a document that allows you to express your opinion on a specific subject based on facts, studies or definitions that can be found in encyclopedias ( see our free encyclopedia here ). The objective of the dissertation is to arrive at recommendations and / or a conclusion in a relatively short document (a few dozen pages). This type of writing is often used in France at the end of university studies with a Master's degree.

If you want to obtain your diploma, you will therefore need to pass this test. This is why you will find memory methodologies on our site . They will allow you to know how to write a thesis to avoid making mistakes that could cost you points.

With these different methodology, you are therefore ready to write the right text with the right form. Otherwise, you must download our dissertation methodologies, dissertation or comment directly on this page.