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10,000+ Motivational Affirmations for Health and Fitness Increase Your Motivation to Exercise, Develop Fitness Habits and Become Active. Ideal for Gym Quick Workouts, Training, Morning Runs


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With this audiobook, you will accede to hours and hours of positive affirmations about Health & Fitness, that you can listen and repeat anywhere and anytime!
Thanks to the advancement of neuroplasticity, it has been demonstrated that our brains are constantly molded by our thoughts as well as by our everyday activities. It is possible, in fact, to enter into the subconscious mind following the principle of repetition. The conscious mind is not directly connected with the subconscious mind, but it can be indirectly influenced by our thoughts and emotions.
Here, a quick example of few affirmations to give you a good idea of what to expect in this audiobook:
• I will invest in my health.
• My body is overflowing with life.
• I will inspire myself.
• I will not give up when things start to get hard..
• I will not focus on the weight I have to lose but on the person that I hope to become.
• I will not doubt my ability to make positive healthy changes in my life.
• Obtaining my healthy goals is a way of loving myself.
This kind of affirmation is the right tool you need for influencing the subconscious mind and reaching your goals without any excuse. It is fundamental to see and feel these words as if you already are or have what you truly desire.
If you want to access thousands of powerful affirmations and reprogram your subconscious mind, then you should start listening to this audiobook today!



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Published 17 May 2020
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