Alkaline Herbal Medicine The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Life , Avoiding Stress, Gaining Crazy Energy Thanks To Medicinal Herbs And Heal Aliments


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Do you want to lose weight but are tired of all the fad diets that don’t seem to work?
Would you like to shed those extra kilos with something you are already doing anyway?
This book will show you how!
Most people chose to lose weight by dieting at some point. The reasons are varied, and the choice of diets is now staggering and bewildering, leading many to take the wrong option for them. But there is a way of losing weight that is simple and that most of us are already following to some extent, without even realizing it.
This new book, which promotes an Alkaline Diet, or a color diet as it is known in Italy, provides you with an effective way of losing weight. It is almost effortless in its approach, with chapters that cover:
-How the Alkaline diet is different
-The origins of the diet
-How colorful food can help you lose weight
-Ways to get the perfect figure and great health
-How to suppress food consumption
-Colors and vitamins
-Dealing with side effects or failings
-And much more…
The Alkaline diet is more than just a way to help you lose the excess weight you’ve gained. It is a way of getting every part of your body into tip-top condition, without having to resort to the pain that most diets put you through.
Get a copy now and see how a change to an Alkaline Diet will improve your overall wellbeing!



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Published 29 April 2020
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