Hypnosis Mastery: 2 in 1: How To Use Self-Hypnosis and Affirmations To Overcome Fear and Insomnia. Includes: Hypnosis for Anxiety and Deep Sleep Hypnosis


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Overcome Fear and Insomnia Instantly!‎
Anxiety is a prevailing disease in the lives of many people today, but it does not need to be. Anxiety is largely a learned behavior that can be controlled or eliminated by the use of a few simple techniques that will transform your life.
The human body runs on a certain small bit of anxiety. Humans have an automatic response to danger that tells them to run away or to fight back. This response is needed for the survival of the species. What is not needed is the constant daily drain of crippling anxiety that creates a world where normal function becomes impossible to achieve.
And when anxiety overwhelms you then it may seem as if there is no way out. You do not see an escape hatch. No light in the distance is compelling you forward into safety and security. You only see one long dark road of torment and anguish. And unfortunately, an anxious reaction cannot be stilled by simply trying to quash the fears that are controlling you. These fears are regulated by thoughts that have become part of your subconscious and drive your every move without your knowledge or consent.
But when you use hypnosis to fight anxiety, you will be eliminating these automatic responses from the memory track of your subconscious. You will be able to control your responses to the same stimuli that currently cause you stress and anxiety. You will teach your mind to learn new ways of behavior in response to those situations that you currently try to avoid.
In Hypnosis Mastery you will learn how to look at and identify the emotions that cause you stress. You will look back at past experiences you had that made you anxious and see what the trigger was. And just as past bad experiences made your subconscious avoid anxiety-ridden situations and events, you will train your subconscious how to create positive responses to these same situations.
Your time is finite and every moment should be lived to the fullest.]]>



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Published 05 May 2020
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