Tarot A Modern Guide To Reading Tarot And To Know Everything About Card Meaning, Spirituality, Myth, History, Mystery and Techniques


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Are you fascinated by the subject of Tarot cards?
Are you new to the practice and want to delve into the meanings behind the cards?
Would you like to learn how read a Tarot card deck and explore its mysteries?
Tarot cards have been around for centuries and have evolved into a form of fortune telling that is mysterious and often misunderstood. Many people will have experienced a Tarot card reading and have been impressed or surprised by the results, while some may find the whole idea to be fanciful and farfetched. But Tarot remains as a source of interest for millions of us and now you can learn more about it for yourself.
Inside this book, Tarot: A Modern Guide to Reading Tarot and to Know Everything About Card Meaning, Spirituality, Myth, History, Mystery and Techniques, you’ll find some surprising and unexpected details, with chapters that cover:
- The types of people who use Tarot
- The esotericism of numbers
- The origins of Tarot
- The minor and major Arcana
- The first, second and third septenary
- The cards of courts
- And lots more…
If you have ever been enthralled by the readings of a Tarot deck or found the history and myths surrounding them to be fascinating, then this book will expand your knowledge and give you a much deeper and more intense understanding than ever before.
Get a copy and explore a modern take on Tarot today!



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Published 28 April 2020
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