Fitness and relaxation

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Fitness and relaxation: the challenge of daily well-being

What could be more legitimate than wanting to feel good about yourself and your head? Whatever your goals - taking up a sport, improving your fitness, relaxing treatments for pleasure - follow our advice to regain well-being and quality of life.

Maintain your form

Modern lifestyles are putting our body to the test. With our advice sheets, learn how to maintain your shape to feel good about yourself and your body.

In a few clicks, discover the advice of specialists to eat a healthy diet, practice tonic or moderate physical activity, in line with your age and your metabolism.

Need a break from care and relaxation? Discover the benefits of the spa, thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, spa treatment or institute.

Preventing and treating everyday pains

Back pain, migraines, allergies, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, problems related to aging ... our body sometimes sends alarm signals that reflect our stress or bad habits. We offer solutions to solve these little problems that spoil your daily life.

Discover our guides to good practices to find fitness and well-being. Before consulting, adopting a few measures of healthy lifestyle can help you feel better in your body.

Fighting addictions, living with illness

How to fight an addiction to tobacco, alcohol, tranquilizers? How to live as serenely as possible with a chronic or sudden pathology? Youscribe offers you powerful tools to support your therapeutic approach.

Without taking the place of healthcare specialists' protocols, these readings can help keep you in shape. From wise advice to an account of experience, you will understand how to tame evil.