Swedish Massage


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Massage is a very powerful tool in assisting the body to balance itself. Through the skillful application of tools and techniques, knowledge of the human body, a relaxing environment, and taking the time to engage in explorative consultation, a therapist can provide safe, effective massage that provides an exceptional boost to wellness. The Swedish Massage audiobook shows you how. The course covers all the basic anatomy and physiology knowledge that you need in order to understand how the body works and to tailor treatments to suit your client, including the form and function of the skin, musculature, skeletal, and organ systems. You will be guided through the beneficial effects various massage techniques have on the body and how to perform them. Additionally, you'll explore the individual advantages and disadvantages of using oil, powder, lotions, creams, and balms in your massages, giving you an understanding of what will work for particular clients.



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Published 26 February 2018
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