Food and diets

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Eating well every day: new habits to adopt

Modern food is a public health issue. What to choose at the time of the races, at the restaurant? Organic or not organic? New eating habits, choose a diet, follow our advice, recipes, and slimming tips, for free or paid download.

Diet: tips for losing weight

With junk food, snacking, the proliferation of industrialized products, health through food becomes essential. From poor eating habits to dieting, we offer adapted solutions, dietary tips and slimming recipes.

In this section you will find the essential advice to deepen your notions of dietetics. Youscribe helps you, in a few clicks, to combine proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, avoid bad associations, and keep food in good conditions.

Organic and vegetarian food: the end of junk food?

Should we convert to organic or become vegetarian to ensure a healthy diet?

Our sheets will help you correct your eating behavior and will help you discover that, contrary to popular belief, organic is not so expensive: moreover, from restaurant to canteen, it is gaining ground on our plate.

Eating during pregnancy, feeding your baby well

During pregnancy, the nutritional needs of the expectant mother are increased. Do not eat for two, but prefer foods rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamins, iron ... Learn to identify them thanks to our dietary advice.

You will also find all the information necessary to diversify the baby's diet, by introducing solid foods, or tips for forming its taste to new flavors, thanks to organic or dietetic recipes.

And if you, moms, need to lose weight, Youscribe will give you lots of advice on how to quickly regain your figure and contribute to your well-being!