Choose a Good Feeling Instead


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If you'd like to stop feeling bad about yourself and others, this will be one of the most important books you'll ever hear. Here's why: You need to take control of your life! When we were children, we learned to: Behave as our parents behaved, Think as our parents thought, Feel as our parents felt, This would be fine, if our parents had been happy, thoughtful and effortlessly successful: if they had encouraged and supported us, if they'd been cheerful and confident. If your parents had been happy, encouraging and supportive, in every way, you wouldn't be looking for personal development books, would you? When you listen to Choose a Good Feeling Instead, you will discover some of the ways that you learned, as a child, to respond to what was going on around you. You will recognize some of the sorts of situations that you met in your childhood and still meet now. You will begin to work out new ways of responding to old situations that are more effective and rewarding. Remember one of the fraught moments you have experienced in the past couple of weeks and imagine being able to understand your old responses and being able react in a different and more effective way. How would you feel, then? What if you were able to stop yourself sliding into depression? How would it be, if you didn't feel you had to keep doing things for others? What if you could keep a good balance within yourself and in your family? How would you feel if you could recognize and understand the processes...and, stop doing them? When you work through this little book, you'll be taking a simple step towards self-awareness and personal change.



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Published 22 January 2018
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