First Date Tips For Men: Seduction University First Date Advice


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Filled with awkward pauses, off-limits subjects, and the pressure to impress a girl you barely know, first dates are a challENe for a lot of guys.
While it is true that the first date is a kind of interview that can be either passed or failed, it doesn’t have to be you in the hot seat. Pure self-confidence and some basic skills let you turn the whole first date thing into a fun evening where it’s over to your date to do the impressing.
Being ‘Powerfully Confident’ on a first date means:
•The best way to make a perfect first impression.
•Knowing who you are and what you want.
•Taking total control of the date.
•Making her smile and feel comfortable around you.
•Gently teasing and testing her.
•Generating passion and desire easily.
•Interrupting her patterns so you become a unique male.
In this book the creator of Seduction University PUA Freeman leads you minute by minute through the first date and reveals how you take total control and most importantly have fun! Follow the advice here and you will become the most amazing and uniquely confident first date she ever had. ]]>



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Published 17 March 2016
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