Meditation For Stress Relief: Practical Stress Relief Techniques For Relaxation, Mindfulness & A Quiet Mind


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Do you often feel stressed and would like to find help?Do you want to avoid medication and find a more holistic approach?Have you considered meditation?Meditation has been practiced for hundreds of years and has been proven to work to heal all sorts of physical and mental complaints in a natural and complete way. The benefits of meditating regularly cannot be overstated when it comes to things like stress relief and with this book you will be provided with information and tips that will improve your overall health and wellness.Inside the pages of Meditation for Stress Relief: Practical Stress Relief Techniques for Relaxation, Mindfulness and a Quiet Mind, you will discover chapters that concentrate on:- What is meditation and where does it stem from- The benefits of meditation to the mind and body- The meditation frame of mind- Meditation techniques for beginners- Common mistakes to avoid- Advanced meditation- And more…With plenty of techniques to try out, even for complete beginners, Meditation for Stress Relief paves the way for the more relaxed and less stressful life you've been seeking.Get a copy today and see what it can do for you!



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Published 28 February 2019
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