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You like to cultivate yourself, you are passionate about science and other knowledge , then you will find your happiness on our site. Indeed, thanks to Youscribe you can improve your general knowledge in many fields (scientific, general knowledge , philosophy ...).

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For those looking to quench their thirst for knowledge and science, thousands of publications are available on Youscribe . You can view or download them for free or for a fee. Whether you're looking for general culture documents or books , you've come to the right place. Indeed, our site offers a wide choice of publications on the human sciences (economics, geography, sociology, history, etc.), philosophy , the study of religions (theology) and also the biographies of great men .

You will find all the resources to deepen your knowledge of the world and its history on our site. For this we offer books, documents, geography maps and many other things that can only interest you. Like this, you are sure to improve your knowledge and your general knowledge .

If you are a primary, middle or high school student, you can find documents that can help you. But we also and above all have a section dedicated to education with the possibility of downloading many courses on many themes.

A theme dedicated to science

In addition to general culture, our platform also offers other publications on knowledge more related to sciences , and even to hard sciences which include, for example, life sciences, earth sciences, chemistry or physics .

If you have a real attraction for these particularly interesting, but pointed fields, download our documents on sciences . So do not hesitate to browse the different themes on the sciences that might interest you. The documents we offer are studies, books and also educational resources that could be essential to animate your debates or for your studies.

For those who are still in middle or high school, our platform also offers more accessible documents. There are therefore SVT courses for 5th grade or documents for second year classes in physics and chemistry . If you need them, please download them.

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The advantage of our publication sharing platform is that all of our documents are accessible to everyone. We therefore make available to all Internet users books on general culture .

No need to go to specialized libraries or go to buy a book in a bookstore. You will find everything you need on, with a wide choice of documents on science and knowledge .

With thousands of biographies available and hundreds of thematic encyclopedias and dictionaries, universal knowledge is at your fingertips, in just a few clicks. It is therefore an opportunity to improve your general culture and why not shine in society!

Youscribe being is a document sharing platform, you can also publish your own documents on our site, so do not hesitate to share your love of science and / or general culture !

Enter fully into the world of knowledge and deepen your general culture by consulting your documents whenever you want!