Being the Change
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Being the Change


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  • National drive-time radio tour
  • Featured in author's column at Yes! Magazine
  • Excerpts offered to Utne Reader, Spirituality and Health, On Earth, Green America
  • Advertising in BtheChange magazine
  • Academic mailing to environment and social change courses
  • Promotion targeting climate change action groups and not-for-profits
  • Galley available on Edelweiss
  • Publicity and promotion in conjunction with the author's speaking engagements
  • Promotion via New Society Publishers social media platforms.

  • The author holds a Ph.D in physics from Columbia and is a climate scientist at NASA
  • The author and his family reduced their climate impact to under a tenth of the US average while living a normal suburban existence, becoming happier in the process.
  • Being the Change is a thought-provoking synthesis of cutting edge science, spiritual awareness, and detailed, practical knowledge.
  • THE NYT bestseller, This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein touches on similar points as Being the Change but Klein fails to offer practical and empowering solutions to global warming
  • The author aims to show that burning fossil fuels should be seen as socially unacceptable.
  • The author suggests that the biggest threat to our ability to curb climate change is not overpopulation or corporatocracy but our mindsets


Part I: Predicament
1. Waking Up
2. Beyond Green
3. Global Warming: The Science
4. Global Warming: The Outlook
5. Growth Always Ends
6. Our Mindset

Part II: A Mammal in the Biosphere
7. Trailheads into the Wilderness
8. Like to Bike
9. Leaving Fossil Fuel
10. Slow Travel
11. Meditation, a Foundation of Change
12. Reconnecting with Mother Earth
13. Opting Out of a Broken System
14. Collective Action
15. Community
16. Love

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Published 01 January 2021
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