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How to Influence People and Dark Psychology 2-in-1 Book Proven Manipulation Techniques to Influence Human Psychology. Discover Secret Methods: Body Language, NLP, Deception, Subliminal Persuasion


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Do you want to have a stronger influence over people without coming across as aggressive or pushy? Be able to read anyone like an open book? Then you need to keep reading...
This includes two books:
• How to Influence People and Become a Master of Persuasion: Discover advanced methods to analyze people, control emotions and body language. Leverage manipulation in business & relationships
• Dark Psychology: Discover secret methods for mind control, dark NLP, deception, subliminal persuasion, and dark hypnosis
Here's a short preview of what you'll discover:
• Eight highly-effective strategies to trick anyone into your desired outcome (By studying each method in depth, you’ll learn how to have the upper hand in every situation!)
• Expert-known psychological theories to help you penetrate the mind of absolutely ANYONE.
• The secret to mastering the art of subtlety and NEVER getting caught.
• Six powerful manipulation techniques to help you take what you want without aggression.
• The six key principles of influence that are essential to getting anything you want.
• The unknown truth about hypnotism and powerful tactics for ‘deep suggestion.’
• Secrets about brainwashing, its impact, and lesser-known processes.
• The powerful technique designed by psychologists that uses the power of language to influence thought and behavior. (Unlock secrets about the human brain and learn how to reprogram it to suit your every need!)
And much, much more…
If you’re ready to unleash your full potential as a master of persuasion, and finally make the transition from ‘overpowered’ to ‘powerful, you should start this book today!



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Published 27 March 2020
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