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How to Influence People and Get What You Want Now Become The Person Everybody Listens to by Mastering the Art of Influence & Manipulation. Learn How to Persuade Your Partner, Boss or Colleagues


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Do you ever wish to evoke exactly what you want with a simple gesture or tone of voice? Can you imagine how it would be to command more respect from the people around you? Then you need to keep reading…
In this book, you’ll discover:
● How to start developing strong emotional intelligence NOW with nine methods. (Become psychologically untouchable with these expert-tested tips so that you can control your emotions!)
● How to put into practice reverse psychology with a step-by-step guide and how to obtain what you want from other people.
● The most effective way to manipulate your boss and negotiate with success.
● Little-known secrets to decipher facial expressions, hidden messages or other types of behavior.
● How to transform your worst enemy into a person that feels admiration for you, so that refers to YOU for leadership. (Hint: aggression is not required!)
● How to use a dangerously powerful tool to seduce anyone you desire.
● How to affirm you’re the one in control and how to show dominance with subtle body language. (Feel confident about yourself and make everyone follow YOUR rules with specific strategies!)
And much, much more…
Even if you’ve always been a total nobody who is often ignored or you’ve never been the dominant personality of the group, this guide will help you have control of your emotions, master the art of using a specific behavior, and how to use strategic actions to manipulate others for your own advantage.
With the expert tools in this guide, you’ll immediately start acting as if you’ve always had a dominant behavior and you’ll develop the power of getting exactly what you want and when you want.
If you want to access these advanced techniques and transition from “played” to “major player,” then you need to start this book today!



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Published 01 April 2020
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