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Personal Growth: Reaching Your True Potential: Making A Plan For Your Own Personal Journey To Success And Enlightenment


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Are tired of living a mediocre life?
Do you wish you knew the secrets to finding your true path and truly living a life that is wonderful?
Whether you want to (1) start designing the life of your dreams, (2) learn world class success strategies, or (3) know how to be mentally, physically, and spiritually powerful, this is the audiobook for you!
Are you tired of going nowhere?
Life is a journey. Along the way you can choose to acquire skills that help you enjoy it more. I have taken the best strategies from around the world for helping you grow and thrive as an individual and put them into this audiobook.
Reach your true potential.
Life is so much more interesting when you are living to the fullest, actively exploring new paths, sharpening skills, and expanding your horizons. Learn to latch onto the things that make you feel most alive. In their pursuit you will find your greatest personal growth and come closest to realizing your true potential.
Heal old wounds so you can live in the present with joy and happiness.
Of course there must be obstacles. Life would be too easy without them! This audiobook offers concrete solutions for re-framing the greatest of life's difficulties and turning them into opportunities for growth.
Design the life that you want to live.
You don't have to do what others want or expect of you. This is your life. In this audiobook I will show you how to map out your own customized life growth journey.
Lay the foundation for a life you want to live.
Take control of your life: Buy it now!



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Published 13 November 2020
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