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Medicine: everything you need to know about medical news

From the first symptoms of a disease to the diagnosis and treatment, we offer thousands of files, for free or paid download. Sick people, health professionals and medical students will find lots of information on medical news, and all the answers to health insurance questions.

Pathologies, evolution of the disease

You, or one of your loved ones, may be confronted with a pathology of which you know little. Youscribe's medicine files review many types of illness, physical or mental, from the first symptoms to treatment.

You will also find there all the useful information on health insurance, to meet the expenses generated by the treatment protocol. Remember, however, that your first point of contact remains your referring doctor, or the specialist who follows you.

Methods, studies, course materials

Medical students, researchers or health professionals, benefit from numerous course materials, tutorials, studies and theses, on all subjects relating to the medical world.

Our files list many pathologies, from the first symptoms or syndromes, to the diagnosis. They also take stock of the evolution of treatments and the new drugs sold on the market.

You will also find the dates of trade fairs and conferences dedicated to health professionals.

Health of children, pregnant women, sportspeople: special cases

Each patient is unique, but some require special attention and different treatment. Children, pregnant women, top athletes, seniors, etc. are the subject of specific sheets.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a parent or a loved one, you will find many tips here, from food to special diets, treatments best suited to medical monitoring, and to taking charge of health insurance.