Death of Manhood: The Societal Destruction of Masculinity


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Finding a way to connect with the masculine is something that is lacking within the world nowadays. Many men appear to be shackled by societal shame when it comes to being masculine; they are also layered with guilt if they display their birth given right to be masculine. Over the last decade, boys and young men have been taught a lot of nonsense about what it means to be a man, they have been programmed to believe notions that honestly do not serve them as men, which has resulted in the soft, weak and feminised men seen today in society. RJ Derby's Death of Manhood: The Societal Destruction of Masculinity is a short but direct book, a call to men to start taking responsibility and begin moving away from the lies they have been fed by a society that seems set on destroying the true essence of a man. If you're a man looking to change yourself, if you're a young man seeking a way to recognise your true potential as a man, if you're a woman trying to find ways to better understand your husband, son, nephew, friend, then this powerful read is for you. Loaded with insights and hard truths about the destruction of masculinity in modern society, RJ Derby's Death of Manhood is a book that should be read by every man.



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Published 13 December 2018
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