Persuasion: The Ultimate Guide to Powerfully Influence Anyone


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Do you have a job where the power of persuasion is all-important?Have you faced situations where you wanted to persuade someone to agree with you but failed?Would you like to learn how to influence others?Persuasion is a powerful tool that is useful in many walks of life. From salesmen to politicians, law enforcement to business negotiations, the art of persuading someone to take your side or buy into your idea is vitally important.With this book, Persuasion: The Ultimate Guide to Powerfully Influence Anyone, you can learn some of the best techniques that incredibly persuasive people have learned over the years, with an emphasis on:- Understanding the Art of Persuasion- Persuasion Tools- Taking Advantage of Persuasion- Persuasive Speaking- Persuasion in Your Everyday Life- How to Get What You Want- Using Passion- The Power of WordsWith the information contained within these pages, you could be on your way to success in your chosen career or become more persuasive within your relationships.Whatever you need it for, Persuasion: The Ultimate Guide to Powerfully Influence Anyone is a book that can open a great many doors for you!



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Published 29 January 2019
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