Hear the Voice of God
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Hear the Voice of God


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Thank you goes to God who
has continuously given me the
grace and opportunity to work
in the vineyard for his glory.
I also would like to thank
you, God, for continuously
choosing me to be the author
of your books. It is a great
pleasure and honor to get to
know the saints that are in this
book. The saints who I did not meet in person, I also want
to thank them for meeting me in my spiritual eyes. That is
through revelations, dreams, visions, prophecies speaking
to my spirit, and most of all, hearing the voice of God. It
truly did a lot to my soul. It also carved the love of God
in my heart, and it made it easy for me to do the work
of God. God uses me also for healing with his sweet love
through my hands where he places his anointing. God
just wants us to know that he is there for us for the little
problems that we may have in our lives. He is there to
work it out along with the bigger situations. He wants us
to depend on him, and he wants us to totally put our trust
in Jesus that it will work out. Every event in this book
only came to pass because of the trust and faith that these
saints have in God. Every event is true because the Holy
Spirit was in the beginning and the end of every situation.
He not only let the saints know how he can work out a
situation, he even taught me how to pay attention and to
hear his voice to guide us out of harm’s way. God loves us
that much, and God will do what’s necessary to take care
of his saints. So, thank you, Lord, for truly having me as a part of our life.



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Published 07 July 2009
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