Miracles: Understand What a Miracle Is, Why It Happens and How God Can Completely Change Your Life


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Have you ever experienced something and didn’t quite understand how it happened?Did it seem like the impossible was granted, just when you had lost hope?Do you believe it was a miracle?Miracles do happen. They can change our lives at the drop of a hat, bestow something good upon us when all seemed lost and provide us with a boost in faith that remains with us for a lifetime. Most people don’t fully understand why they happen and just accept it, but if you want to delve deeper the answers can be found.Inside the pages of Miracles: Understand What a Miracle is, Why it Happens and How God can Completely Change Your Life, you can uncover things like:- Miracles In Your Life- Miracle Basics- Understanding The Meaning Of Supernatural- Miracles In Christianity- Miracles In Other Religions- Real Life Stories of Miracles- The Effects Of Expecting Miracles On Mindset- What The Critics And Proponents Have To SayLearning about miracles doesn’t take any of the magic away from them, it enhances it. They still provide a solid base for faith in God and what he has planned for us all.If you are ready to learn more about this fascinating subject, then Miracles is the book that will open your eyes to the truth!



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Published 21 January 2019
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