Paganism and Witchcraft for the Beginner


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Are you looking for a different spiritual way to live? Do you feel drawn to an ancient way of life, such as paganism? If yes, look no further. This book will help you learn about paganism and witchcraft. Paganism basically refers to a wide variety of traditions and rituals that emphasize reverence for nature and the natural order in life. For pagans, spiritual growth is related to the cycles of the earth and they pay a lot of attention to ecological preservation. Pagans don't believe in monotheism, i.e. in the doctrine that there is only one God. They believe in polytheism, meaning they believe in multiple deities with different religions and rituals. They believe that all objects, places, and creatures possess a distinct spiritual essence and need to be revered, a concept called animism. Some of the modern forms of paganism have roots in 19th century European nationalism. Most of these groups, however, trace their roots to the 1960s. Most pagans are interested in reviving polytheistic traditions, such as the Norse and Celtic traditions. Many of them revive lost rituals, such as celebrating the seasons and the holy days. With this audiobook, you will be able to gain deeper knowledge about paganism, as well as witchcraft. You will learn the different between the two. You will also learn how you can get started in witchcraft, what tools you need, and what techniques you can use. So, let's get started on a new spiritual way of life that respects each and every thing nature has to offer.



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Published 01 January 2018
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