The Book of Leviticus: An Expositional Commentary


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It may come as a surprise to discover that there are a number of Biblical experts who regard the Book of Leviticus as the most important book of the Bible! The Book of Leviticus cannot be "read;" it has to be studied. But fasten your seatbelts! It's going to be an exciting and highly privileged excursion!This study contains 16 hours of verse by verse teachings.This Commentary contains the following studies: Chapter 1 - Introduction: Five Basic Themes. Relevance to Us Today. The Sacrifices. Chapter 1 (cont.): The Burnt Offering. The Five Steps of the Burnt Offering Ritual. Chapters 2-3: The Meal and the Peace-Offerings. Chapters 4-5: The Sin and the Trespass (Guilt) Offerings. Chapters 6-7: The Law of the Offerings. The Location of Golgotha. Chapters 8-10: The Priesthood. Clothing and Cleansing the Priests. Nadab and Abihu. Chapters 11-12: Cleanliness and Hygiene. Clean and Unclean Animals. Original Sin Transmitted. Chapters 13-15: Leprosy and Diseases. Sin is the Ultimate Disease. How to Become Clean. Chapter 16: Yom Kippur. the Day of Atonement. Preparation of the Place and People. Chapters 17-20: The Blood. Forbidden Sexual Practices. The Death Penalty. Chapters 21-22: Personal Purity. The Holiness of the Priests. The Holiness of the Offerings. Chapter 23: The Once and Future Calendar. The Seventh Day. The Jewish Feasts. Chapter 24: The Fear of God. Capital Punishment. Cities of Refuge. Chapter 25: Israel in the Land. Sabbath Years and the Year of Jubilee. The Goel. Chapters 26-27: Israel's Magna Carta. Obeying, Submitting, and Trusting God. Blessings for Obedience. Warnings to Israel for Disobedience. Leviticus Review: Ten Basic Lessons from Leviticus. One-Word Summary: Holiness.



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Published 12 December 2018
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